5.11 Deleting VMs

Deleting a VM in the VM Client causes an Orchestrate job to run that deletes all of the VM’s files in the /etc/xen/vm and /etc/xen/images (or /var/lib/xen/images) directories.

WARNING:Deleted VMs cannot be recovered.

  1. In the VM Client, click the Virtual Machines view, then select one or more VMs.

  2. Do one of the following to delete the selected VMs:

    • Click the Delete Action Button button.

    • Click Edit > Delete.

    • In the Virtual Machines view, right-click a selected VM, then select Delete.

    If a VM is running or is suspended, the deletion options are not displayed or enabled.

  3. Click either Yes or No to delete the VM:

    Delete Confirmation Dialog Box

    This completely removes the selected VMs from the Virtual Machines view, as well as all files in the repository associated with it.