5.6 Installing the PlateSpin Orchestrate Agent on a VM

For instructions on installing the agent on a host server, see Installing the Orchestrate Agent Only in the PlateSpin Orchestrate 2.6 Installation and Configuration Guide.

  1. In the VM Client, click the Virtual Machines view, right-click the VM where you want to install the agent, then select Shut Down.

    The VM cannot be running during installation of the agent because the VM’s image is modified.

    The agent cannot be installed on a template.

  2. After the VM has completed shutting down, select the VM again, then do one of the following:

    • Click Actions > Install Agent.

    • Right-click the VM, then select Install Agent.

    The agent installation begins.

  3. You can view the installation progress in any of the following ways:

    • Double-click the VM being installed, click the Event Log tab, then double-click the entry related to the installation process that has the In-Progress Icon icon next to it. The Event Log Details dialog box is displayed and is automatically updated as events occur.

    • Observe messages at the bottom of the VM Client interface.

    • Click View > Show Progress View to open the Progress window.

    • View the progress in the Jobs tab of the Development Client.

  4. To have the VM accepted into the datagrid, follow the instructions in Section 2.6, Registering VMs.

    After the Orchestrate Agent has been installed on a VM, the agent begins to communicate with the Orchestrate Server. However, the VM is not yet available to the datagrid because it must be accepted.

You can tell which VMs have the Orchestrate Agent installed by whether pie charts are being displayed in the CPU and Memory columns in the Virtual Machines view, but only if the VM is running.