A.0 Performing Advanced Branding

CloudAccess allows you to customize user-facing pages, such as the login page, so users see your company branding instead of the default NetIQ branding.

IMPORTANT:Performing advanced branding customization requires advanced JavaServer Pages (JSP) knowledge. Before you make any changes, ensure that you have a good snapshot of your appliance that you can revert to if necessary. If you upload a bad branding file and are unable to log in to the administration console, you can re-run the appliance initialization to restore the default login pages. For more information, see Section 2.6, Initializing the Appliance.

The brandable code is contained in a set of JSP files in the /osp/jsp directory.

To change the standard header or footer:

Edit the HTML formatting in one or both of the following files: inc_common_body_top.jsp or inc_common_body_bottom.jsp. The Java variables that the inc_*.jsp requires are listed at the top of the inc_*.jsp file. Much of this work can be done using the Basic Customization feature in the CloudAccess administration console. For more information, see Section 11.3, Customizing Branding on User-Facing Pages.

To change the body (the space between the header and footer) of a page:

Each login, logout, and landing page contains the HTML formatting code that draws the “body” of its respective page. To customize this section of the page, you can edit the HTML formatting located between the include statements for the header and footer.

NOTE:The NetIQ logo at the bottom of the landing page cannot be removed or rebranded.