2.6 Initializing the Appliance

After you have deployed the appliance, you must initialize it. For more information, see the following video: NetIQ CloudAccess: Initializing the Appliance. You can also use the Appliance Installation Worksheet to make sure you have the required information before you begin.

  1. Verify that your environment meets all requirements listed in Section 2.2, Product Requirements.

  2. From a supported browser, access the initialization web interface at the URL displayed on the appliance screen after it is deployed.

    For example: https://appliance_ip_address/appliance/Init.html

    IMPORTANT:This URL is case-sensitive, so ensure that you enter the non-variable portions of the URL exactly as illustrated in the example above.

  3. Follow the prompts in the initialization wizard to provide the information needed to initialize the appliance.

  4. Click Finish.

    A successfully initialized appliance automatically redirects the browser to the administration console login page at https://appliance_dns_name/appliance/index.html.

  5. Log in with the Admin user name specified in Step 3 - Cluster Information. The password is the user’s password in the identity source.

  6. Proceed with Section 3.0, Configuring the Appliance.

You can change the initialization settings at any time if needed. Enter https://appliance_dns_or_IP_address/appliance/Init.html in a browser to access the initialization settings page. After the appliance has been initialized for the first time, the next time you access the Init.html page, CloudAccess prompts you for the appliance password.

Whenever you make changes to the appliance, click Apply and wait for the appliance to finish applying your changes. Do not attempt to perform any other administration tasks in the console until the gears have stopped spinning on the appliance icon.

IMPORTANT:The initial import of a large number of users (for example, 20,000 or more) from the identity source can take several hours, and the administration console does not currently provide a warning to administrators before beginning the process. During the user import process, the health status in the console might report the following warnings on and off: Driver seems unresponsive | Provisioning | bis_AD_a4uLn | Driver seems unresponsive.

If you have a large number of users in your environment, ensure that you allow several hours for the provisioning process to complete. After users are added, performance of other administration tasks in the console improves considerably.