4.17 CDR_RetrieveConfigData

Use this Knowledge Script to retrieve Communications Manager configuration data from the primary Communications Manager and store it in the CiscoCM supplemental database.

4.17.1 Prerequisite

Run the SetupSupplementalDB Knowledge Script to create the supplemental database that will house the configuration data. For more information, see Section 4.47.1, Understanding the CiscoCM Supplemental Database.

4.17.2 Resource Object


4.17.3 Default Schedule

By default, this script runs once a day, at 3 A.M, so as to perform its possibly CPU-intensive function at a time when the Communications Manager is least busy.

However, because the PhoneDeregistrations script uses the configuration data this script retrieves, you might want to set this script to Run Once so the configuration data is retrieved immediately. When the “Run Once” job is complete, then you can run this script using the default schedule of once daily.

4.17.4 Setting Parameter Values

Set the following parameters as needed:


How to Set It

General Settings

Job Failure Notification

Event severity when job fails

Set the event severity level, from 1 to 40, to indicate the importance of the failure of the CDR_RetrieveConfigData job. The default is 5.

Raise event if data collection succeeds?

Select Yes to raise an event if the data-collection process succeeds. The default is unselected.

Event severity when data collection succeeds

Set the event severity level, from 1 to 40, to indicate the importance of an event in which data collection succeeds. The default is 25.