A.1 Getting Started

Take the following steps to monitor deregistered phones on Cisco Communications Manager 4.x clusters.

To monitor deregistered phones:

  1. Discover a Communications Manager 4.x cluster. Run Discovery_CiscoCM_4x to discover the cluster. Configure Security Manager with the AXL password before running the Discovery script. For more information, see Section A.2, Discovering Communications Manager 4.x Resources and Section A.3, Configuring AXL Passwords in Security Manager.

  2. Create the database. Run 4x_SetupSupplementalDB to create one CiscoCM supplemental database per Communications Manager 4.x cluster that you are monitoring.

  3. Retrieve Communications Manager 4.x configuration data. Run 4x_RetrieveConfigData to populate the supplemental database with Communications Manager configuration data. The phone deregistration Report scripts need this information.

  4. Monitor deregistered phones. Run 4x_PhoneDeregistrations to monitor deregistered phones on the Communications Manager 4.x cluster. This script populates the audit table in the database with phone deregistration data, which is subsequently used by the phone deregistration Report scripts.

  5. Create deregistration reports. Run Report_PhoneDeregAudit to create a history of phone deregistrations and reregistrations. Run Report_PhoneDeregWatchList to create a list of phones that frequently deregister.