4.3 4x_SetupSupplementalDB

Use this Knowledge Script to create a CiscoCM supplemental database in which to store Communications Manager 4.x phone deregistration information.

For more information, see Appendix A, “Monitoring Deregistration for Communications Manager 4.x Clusters.”

4.3.1 Resource Object


4.3.2 Default Schedule

By default, this script runs once.

4.3.3 Setting Parameter Values

Set the following parameters as needed:


How to Set It

General Settings

Job Failure Notification

Event severity when job fails

Set the event severity level, from 1 to 40, to indicate the importance of the failure of the 4x_SetupSupplementalDB job. The default is 5.

Raise event if database setup succeeds?

Select Yes to raise an event if the CiscoCM supplemental database is successfully created on the proxy agent computer. The default is unselected.

Event severity when database setup succeeds

Set the event severity level, from 1 to 40, to indicate the importance of an event in which the CiscoCM supplemental database is successfully created. The default is 25.

Phone Deregistration Parameters

Number of days to keep phone deregistration audit entries

Specify the number of days’ worth of phone deregistration audit entries you want to keep in the CiscoCM supplemental database. Any data older than what you specify is discarded. The default is 180 days.

Is your CallManager configured to use secure Web access (HTTPS)?

Select Yes if you use secure HTTP (HTTPS) to access your Communications Manager. AppManager uses this information to build the Communications Manager URL that is displayed in event message details. The default is unselected.

SQL Server Information

Local SQL Server Instance name

Specify the name of the local SQL Server instance (on the proxy agent computer) in which you want to create the new CiscoCM supplemental database. Leave this parameter blank to accept the default name.