2.4 Deploying the Module with Control Center

You can use Control Center to deploy the module on a remote computer where an agent is installed. This topic briefly describes the steps involved in deploying a module and provides instructions for checking in the module installation package. For more information, see the Control Center User Guide for AppManager, which is available on the AppManager Documentation page.

2.4.1 Deployment Overview

This section describes the tasks required to deploy the module on an agent computer.

To deploy the module on an agent computer:

  1. Verify the default deployment credentials.

  2. Check in an installation package. For more information, see Section 2.4.2, Checking In the Installation Package.

  3. Configure an e-mail address to receive notification of a deployment.

  4. Create a deployment rule or modify an out-of-the-box deployment rule.

  5. Approve the deployment task.

  6. View the results.

2.4.2 Checking In the Installation Package

You must check in the installation package, AM70-CiscoCM-7.x.x.0.xml, before you can deploy the module on an agent computer.

To check in a module installation package:

  1. Log on to Control Center using an account that is a member of a user group with deployment permissions.

  2. Navigate to the Deployment tab (for AppManager 8.x) or Administration tab (for AppManager 7.x).

  3. In the Deployment folder, select Packages.

  4. On the Tasks pane, click Check in Deployment Packages (for AppManager 8.x) or Check in Packages (for AppManager 7.x).

  5. Navigate to the folder where you saved AM70-CiscoCM-7.x.x.0.xml and select the file.

  6. Click Open. The Deployment Package Check in Status dialog box displays the status of the package check in.

  7. To get the updates provided in this release, upgrade any running Knowledge Script jobs. For more information, see Section 2.15, Upgrading Knowledge Script Jobs.