5.0 Support Assisted Logon

The Support Assisted Logon feature is for the users who do not use multi-factor authentication and forget the password. Using Support Assisted Logon, a helpdesk administrator can log in as the user with the Helpdesk Administrator’s credentials.

For example, Bob is a top official in his organization. He forgot his password, and he is not able to access his Windows workstation. In this situation, Bob is the managed user who needs to open the workstation. If authenticators of Helpdesk Administrator are shared with the Managed user’s (Bob) account, perform the following steps to access Bob’s Windows workstation:

  1. Bob is required to click the Support Assisted logon link on the login screen and specify his username in the Managed User Name in Support Assisted Logon prompt.

  2. Tom, the Helpdesk Administrator, needs to specify his username.

  3. Tom is required to select the required chain with the shared authenticator and authenticate.

Following are the users involved in Support Assisted Logon:

  • Managed user: The user who forgets the password and needs to access the workstation.

  • Helpdesk Administrator: The person whose authenticators are shared with the Managed user. The Helpdesk Administrator can access the Managed user’s workstation using the Helpdesk Administrator’s authenticators.