29.0 Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery lets you restore the system after a crash or when other catastrophic failure occurs. Disaster recovery helps you to restore as much data as possible and limit the resources needed during the backup.

A Disaster Recovery scenario in Advanced Authentication can be when the Global Master database (GMS) is corrupt or the configuration has been deleted. The Figure 29-1 illustrates the Disaster Recovery scenario.

Figure 29-1 Disaster Recovery scenario

This chapter describes the steps for creating a backup of Advanced Authentication and restoring the environment in case of a disaster.

You can recover from a disaster based on the following two use-cases:

  • Restoring: When a disastrous damage has occurred in the cluster from which it is impossible to recover, you must restore the cluster.

  • Rejoining: When any of the servers are down (web server, DB server), you can rejoin to recover the cluster.