6.0 Support Assisted Logon

Windows Client Support Assisted Logon mode enables the Helpdesk Administrator to log in as the user with the Helpdesk Administrator’s credentials. Following are the users involved in Assistance Logon:

  • Managed user: The user who forgets the password and needs to access the workstation.

  • Helpdesk Administrator: The person whose authenticators are shared with the Managed user. The Helpdesk Administrator can access the Managed user’s workstation using the Helpdesk Administrator’s authenticators.

Perform the following steps to open the Managed user’s workstation:

  1. Click Support Assisted Logon in the login screen.

  2. Specify the user name in Managed User Name in Support Assisted Logon prompt.

  3. Specify the user name of support user in Support User Name.

  4. Press Enter or click Next.

  5. Select the authentication chain from the list.

  6. Authenticate with the required authentication method(s) of the chain.

  7. Click Next.

For more details about installation and configuration of Support Assisted Logon, see Support Assisted Logon.