4.2 Debugging Logs on Mac OS

On Mac OS, you can collect the logs for Advanced Authentication Desktop OTP Tool in one of the following ways:

NOTE:You can find the Diagnostic Tool component in the Advanced Authentication appliance distributive package.

4.2.1 Using the Diagnostic Tool

To collect the logs using the Diagnostic tool, perform the following steps:

  1. Run the file DiagTool.app.

  2. Click Enable.

  3. Restart your system.

  4. Reproduce the issue.

  5. Run the file DiagTool.app.

  6. Click Save in the Debug logs tab.

    The logs file is saved in the logs-year-month-date-hour:minute:seconds.zip format in the /tmp directory.

    For example, logs file is saved as logs-2017-10-23-15:30:20.zip.

  7. Click Save.

You can perform the following actions in the Debug logs tab:

  • Disable to disable the logging.

  • Refresh to update the logs list.

  • Open to open any specific log.

  • Clear All to delete the existing logs.

4.2.2 Manual

  1. Create a text file config.properties in the directory /Library/Logs/NetIQ/.

  2. Add a string to the file logEnabled=True that ends with a line break.

  3. Create a directory named Logs in the path /Library/Logs/NetIQ/.

  4. Restart the system.

  5. Reproduce the issue.

  6. Compress the logs located in the path /Library/Logs/NetIQ/Logs/ into a zip file.

  7. Change logEnabled=True to logEnabled=False in the file /Library/Logs/NetIQ/config.properties.