2.1 Obtaining Advanced Authentication

Advanced Authentication is available in two versions: trial and purchased.

2.1.1 Downloading the Purchased Version

You must have purchased Advanced Authentication to access the full version of the product. To buy a full version of Advanced Authentication, see How to Buy. The activation code is in the Customer Center where you download the software. For more information, see Customer Center Frequently Asked Questions.

To access a full version of Advanced Authentication:

  1. Log in to the Customer Center.

  2. Click Software.

  3. In the Entitled Software tab, click the appropriate version of Advanced Authentication to download.

2.1.2 Downloading the Trial Version

You can download and install the trial version of Advanced Authentication to see how the product works.

To download the trial version:

  1. Access the Download page at https://dl.netiq.com.

  2. Click the Free Trials link.

  3. Scroll down to find Advanced Authentication, then click Download.

  4. Specify your information to receive an email with the download link.

    You must specify a valid email address or you will not receive the email that contains the link to download the trial version.

  5. After you receive the email, click the link and download the appropriate version for your environment.