3.3 Updating Advanced Authentication to a Field Patch

You can add patches provided by the product team in the Field Patch tab. A field patch is not a complete patch and you must use it only until a complete patch is released.

Perform the following steps to apply a field patch:

  1. Disable all other updates for the appliance. Else, the field patch might be overwritten.

  2. Create snapshots for all Advanced Authentication servers.

  3. Log in to the Configuration console as the vaadmin user.

  4. Click Field Patch, then follow the prompts to install the patch update.

  5. (Conditional) Install a downloaded patch update:

    1. Download the Advanced Authentication patch update file from the Patch Finder website.

    2. In the Install a Downloaded Patch section, click Browse.

  6. (Conditional) Uninstall a patch update:

    You might not be able to uninstall some patch updates.

    1. In the Patch Name column of the Field Patch list, select the patch update that you want to uninstall.

    2. Click Uninstall Latest Patch.

  7. (Conditional) Click Download Log File for the appropriate patch update.

    NOTE:Ensure that you disable online updates and automatic updates until you apply a complete patch that contains the fix.

  8. Restart the server to complete the update. It may take up to 10 minutes to get the required services started.

  9. Log in to the Advanced Authentication Administration portal on the upgraded server.

  10. Click Cluster > Conflicts to resolve the conflicts.

  11. Repeat steps Step 3 to Step 10 for database servers and Step 3 to Step 9 for web servers.

The Patches are intended for specific bug fixes and security fixes for software that comes packaged by OpenSUSE and is maintained in the Main Updates repository. For more information, see OpenSUSE patch vs update.