3.1 Registering To and Performing the Online Updates

To register for the Online Update Service:

  1. Log in to the Appliance Configuration console as the root user.

  2. Click Online Update.

  3. If the Registration dialog does not open automatically, click the Register tab.

  4. Select the Service Type as:

    • Micro Focus Customer Center

  5. Specify the following information about the Customer Center account for this appliance:

    • Email address of the account in Customer Center

    • Activation key (the same Full License key that you used to activate the product).

      Perform the following steps to obtain the activation key:

      1. Log in to Micro Focus Customer Center.

      2. Click Software > Entitled Software > NetIQ Advanced Authentication > Keys.

      3. Make a note of the applicable key.

    • Select any of the following options to Allow data send:

      • Hardware Profile

      • Optional information

  6. Click Register.

    Wait while the appliance registers with the service.

  7. Click OK.

After you register the appliance, you can view a list of the needed updates, or view a list of installed updates. You can use manual or automatic options to update the appliance. For more information, see Managing the Updates.

3.1.1 Managing the Updates

You can perform the following actions after registration:

  • Update Now: Perform the following steps to install the downloaded updates:

    WARNING:You must start the upgrade process first from the Global Master server (GMS), then upgrade the database servers, and finally upgrade the web servers.

    1. Create snapshots for all Advanced Authentication servers.

    2. Open the Advanced Authentication Appliance Configuration console (https://servername.example.com:9443) in the Global Master server.

    3. Click Online Update > Update Now to install the downloaded updates.

    4. Restart the server to complete the update. It may take up to 10 minutes to get the required services started.

    5. Log in to the Advanced Authentication Administration portal on the upgraded server.

    6. Click Cluster > Conflicts to resolve the conflicts.

    7. Repeat Step 2to Step 6 for database servers and Step 2to Step 5 for web servers.

  • View Info: Click View Info to display a list of installed and downloaded software updates.

  • Refresh: Click Refresh to reload the status of updates on the appliance.

WARNING:It is not recommended to schedule the update due to complexity of the update procedure in a clustered environment.