Advanced Authentication 6.2 Patch Update 6 Release Notes

November 2020

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IMPORTANT:Advanced Authentication 6.3 and later will not support SLES 11 Service Pack 4.

1.0 What’s New?

Advanced Authentication 6.2 Patch Update 6 provides the following fixes in this release:

1.1 Software Fixes

This patch includes the following software fixes:

Server Fixes

An Error While Configuring the Global Master Server

This patch resolves the issue where an error connection timeout is displayed when you are configuring a first Advanced Authentication server after upgrading to Advanced Authentication Patch Update 5. This issue occurs when you install Advanced Authentication 6.2 and upgrade to 6.2 Patch Update 5, then try to configure the cluster.

Delay in Start-up

When an administrator tries to boot up or restart the Advanced Authentication server, there is a delay and a Appliance is under maintenance / starting up message is displayed in the browsers. Also, the client devices display server error messages to the users during OS logins.

2.0 Upgrading

You must start the upgrade process first from the Global Master server (GMS), then upgrade the database servers, and finally upgrade the web servers.

For more information about upgrading from 6.x, see Upgrading Advanced Authentication in the Advanced Authentication- Server Installation and Upgrade guide.

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