4.1 Authentication Agent

Authentication Agent enables you to perform multi-factor authentication on one computer to get authorized access to another computer, where it is not possible to display the user interface or connect any external authentication devices. You can install the Authentication Agent on Windows system. When an authentication is initiated from a computer using the Authentication Agent chain, the Authentication Agent on another computer prompts a restricted browser where you must perform the authentication.

NOTE:You can install the Authentication Agent only on Windows workstation.

IMPORTANT:If both the Windows Client and Authentication Agent are installed on the same workstation, the Authentication Agent is logged in automatically through the SSO feature. If the Windows Client is not installed, you must log in to the Authentication Agent manually.

To log in to Linux using the Authentication Agent on Windows, perform the following steps:

  1. Specify User name in the Linux computer.

  2. Click Next and specify the chain number corresponding to the Authentication Agent in the list.

    For more information about enabling the Authentication Agent chain in the Linux computer, see Configuration to Enable the Authentication Agent Chain.

  3. The Authentication Agent that is active on a Windows computer launches a restricted browser.

    IMPORTANT:If a restricted browser is not launched automatically, place the cursor on the Authentication Agent icon in System tray and ensure that the agent is logged in. If the agent is not logged in, double click the Authentication Agent icon to log in.

    The restricted browser prompts the login page. The user name that you have specified in the Linux computer is set in the login page by default.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Select and authenticate the preferred chain to log in to Linux computer in the restricted browser.

    For more information, see Logging In to Authentication Agent.

  6. After the successful authentication in the restricted browser, you are logged in to the Linux computer automatically.