15.2 Installing or Updating Security Patches for Access Gateway Appliance

Use the Online Update option to register to the online update service from the Software Licenses and Downloads portal. It will get you the latest security updates for Access Gateway Appliance. You can select to install updates automatically or manually.

If you want to control the updates further, you can configure Access Gateway Appliance to get the updates from a local Subscription Management Tool (SMT). This allows you to download the updates to a single SMT server in your network and all other nodes of Access Gateway Appliance receive updates from this server. For more information, see Subscription Management Tool Guide. To obtain the proper credentials to use the SMT server, see Mirroring Credentials in the Subscription Management Tool Guide.

To activate the Update Channel, you must obtain the key from the Customer Center. If the key is not available, contact the Customer Center through an email.

WARNING:Before performing the online update, ensure to add rules in the firewall to allow https traffic to the URLs such as nu.novell.com and secure-www.novell.com.

For more information about configuring the firewall and ports, see Setting Up Firewalls.

To register for the Online Update Service:

  1. Log in to the Configuration console (https://<access_gateway_appliance-IP address>:9443) as the root user.

  2. Click Online Update.

  3. If the Registration dialog does not open automatically, click the Register tab.

  4. Select the Service Type:

    • Local SMT (Proceed with Step 5.)

    • Micro Focus Customer Center (Proceed with Step 6.)

  5. (Local SMT) Specify the following information for the SMT server, then continue with Step 7.

    • Hostname such as smt.example.com

    • (Optional) SSL certificate URL that communicates with the SMT server

    • (Optional) Namespace path of the file or directory

  6. (Customer Center) Specify the following information about the Customer Center account for Access Gateway Appliance:

    • Email address of the account in Customer Center

    • Activation key (the same Full License key that you used to activate the product)

    • Allow data send (select any of the following) to share information with the Customer Center:

      • Hardware Profile

      • Optional information

  7. Click Register.

    Wait while Access Gateway Appliance registers with the service.

  8. Click OK.

After completing the registration, you can view the lists of needed and installed updates.

Performing post-registration actions:

  • Update Now: Click Update Now to activate the downloaded updates.

    NOTE:Some of the updates might require rebooting Access Gateway Appliance. It is recommended to reboot Access Gateway Appliance in the following scenarios:

    • When Configuration console displays the Reboot Needed option in the upper right corner of the Appliance Configuration pane.

    • When Configuration console displays a message or a warning to reboot.

  • Schedule: Configure the type of updates to download and whether to automatically agree to the licenses.

    To schedule online update:

    1. Click the Schedule tab.

    2. Select a schedule for download updates (Manual, Daily, Weekly, Monthly).

  • View Info: Click View Info to display a list of installed and downloaded software updates.

  • Refresh: Click Refresh to reload the status of updates on Access Gateway Appliance.