II Upgrading Access Manager

This section discusses how to upgrade Access Manager to the newer version. You must take a backup of the existing configurations before upgrading Access Manager components .

For more information, see Back Up and Restore in the Access Manager 4.5 Administration Guide.

NOTE:By default, the Access Manager configuration uses stronger TLS protocols, ciphers, and other security settings. If you want to revert these settings after upgrading, see Restoring Previous Security Level After Upgrading Access Manager in the NetIQ Access Manager 4.5 Security Guide .

When you upgrade Access Manager components, first back up your configuration and then move Administration Console. You can then upgrade other devices that you have imported into Administration Console.

You must upgrade the Access Manager components in the following sequence:

  1. Administration Console

  2. Identity Server

  3. Access Gateway

  4. (Optional) Analytics Server

Supported Upgrade Paths

To upgrade to Access Manager 4.5, you need to be on one of the following versions of Access Manager:

  • 4.4 Service Pack 2

  • 4.4 Service Pack 3

  • 4.4 Service Pack 4

For information about the latest supported upgrade paths, see the specific Release Notes on the Access Manager Documentation Website.

Important Points to Consider

  • If you have installed additional nodes of Administration Console on other servers for fault tolerance, ensure to first upgrade the primary Administration Console. Else, the directory schema does not get updated.

  • Upgrade all nodes of a cluster before you start upgrading another type of device.

  • When nodes in a cluster are running on different release versions, you must not change any configuration through Administration Console.

This section includes the following topics: