3.0 Installing Analytics Server

You can install Analytics Server after installing Administration Console.

It is recommended to use the latest Analytics Server shipped with Access Manager 4.5 Service Pack 3 HotFix 1.

This section includes information about how to install the latest Analytics Dashboard. For information about installing the earlier version, see Installing Analytics Server in the NetIQ Access Manager Appliance 4.4 Installation and Upgrade Guide.

IMPORTANT:Before installing the new Analytics Server, ensure to delete Analytics Server nodes of the earlier version from Administration Console.

Installation time: 10 minutes approximately

What you need to know to install Analytics Server

  • Username and password of the Administration Console administrator.

  • Install Administration Console and Analytics Server on separate servers.

  • Do not perform any configuration tasks in Administration Console during the installation.

Prerequisites for Installing Analytics Server

  • Ensure that the system meets the requirements for installing Analytics Server. For information about the requirements, see System Requirements: Analytics Server.

  • When installing Access Manager components on multiple machines, ensure that the time and date are synchronized on all machines.

  • Ensure that Administration Console is running.

  • Install Analytics Server on a separate machine and ensure that the following ports in Analytics Server are open:

    • 8445

    • 1444

    • 22 (Optional)

    • 1468

    • 9002

    • 9003

  • If you have custom partitioned your hard disk as follows, ensure that the free disk space mentioned against each partition is available.


    Disk Space


    5 GB

    NOTE:For data and logs ensure that you have enough space available in the /var partition. You can also install if the entire disk has only root and swap partition.

To Install Analytics Server

  1. Open a terminal window.

  2. Log in as a root user.

  3. Access the install script.

    1. Ensure that you have downloaded the software.

    2. If you downloaded the tar.gz file, unzip the file by using the following command:

      tar -xzvf <filename>

    3. Change to the Analytics_Dashboard directory.

  4. At the command prompt, run the following install script:

  5. Specify the IP address, user ID, and password of the primary Administration Console.

  6. Re-enter the password for verification. Analytics Server installation starts.

    If the installation program rejects credentials and IP address, ensure that the required ports are open on both Administration Console and Analytics Server.

  7. Verify the installation. You can check the logs in /tmp/novell_access_manager/install_ar_.

Analytics Server Cluster Configuration

You can configure Analytics Server cluster for high availability. For a cluster, you can install Analytics Server on three servers using the tar.gz file.

After you install the second node of Analytics Server, perform the following steps in Administration Console:

  1. Devices > Analytics Servers > [Name of Server] > Health.

  2. Click Refresh.

Perform the same steps after installing the third node. Update one device at a time from top to down and wait for the Elasticsearch database server’s health to turn green and then refresh other servers for the update.

If the server does not come up, click Restart to bring all services up and running, and then manually click Refresh for each service.

After all servers’ health turn green, the cluster is ready for use.