22.4.1 Managing Access Gateway Logs

In Access Gateway, you can configure logging by using Advanced Options.

Configuring the Log Level

  1. Click Devices > Access Gateways > Edit > Advanced Options.

  2. Add the following line with appropriate log level:

        LogLevel <loglevel> 

    Replace loglevel option with emerg, alert, crit, error, warn, notice, info or debug. The default log level is warn.




    Sends only messages that render the system unusable, if they are not resolved.


    Sends only messages that require immediate action.


    Sends only messages about critical situations


    Sends warning messages about recoverable errors.


    Sends warning messages.


    Sends information about the status of a service to the service configuration logs.


    Sends informational messages such as requests sent to web servers and the results of authentication requests.


    Sends debug messages

    IMPORTANT:If the log files do not generate enough information to identify the cause of a problem, run Access Gateway Service in the debug mode. Use the debug mode only when you try to isolate a problem because running Access Gateway Service in the debug mode can have the following effects:

    • Debug mode increases the size of the log files quickly. The size can increase enough to consume all available disk space and crash the system. When running in the debug mode, monitor the available disk space and the size of the log files.

    • In a highly loaded system, debug mode can lead to request or connection timeout and can slow down the response time.

    When you enable the logging in the debug mode, it enables most of the log levels, which may not be required for troubleshooting. Hence, during high load period, add the following options to reduce the impact on Access Gateway’s performance.

    LogLevel error
    LogLevel novell_ag_module:debug
    LogLevel ssl:warn mpm_worker:warn core:warn
    LogLevel proxy:warn proxy_balancer:warn proxy_ajp:warn proxy_http:warn

    Adding these options enable only error, debug, and warn levels for specific components.

  3. Click OK.

  4. Click Access Gateways, then click Update > OK.

On Linux the error_log file is available at /var/opt/novell/nam/logs/mag/apache2/ whereas on Windows, this file is available at \ProgramFiles\Novell\Apache\logs.

Configuring the Log File

  1. Click Devices > Access Gateways > Edit > Advanced Options.

  2. Add the following line:

    ErrorLog <path to the file where logs should be recorded>

  3. Click OK.

  4. Click Access Gateways > Update > OK.