As a Technology Partner, you can choose from several program levels to ensure you receive the support, account management and training benefits that best match your needs. We recommend you choose your Technology Partner Program by the level of dedication that makes the most sense for your business.

Program Benefits Advantage SR Packs TPS 100 TPS 250 TPS 500 TPS 1000
Support Center          
24x7 Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Priority Response Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Service Requests 5, 10 or 20 25 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Premium Service Engineer          
Type of Engineer No No ASE PSE DSE
Dedication Level No No Assigned Contact Semi-Dedicated Dedicated
Hours of Access No No 12x5* 24x7** 24x7**
Response Time No No 1 hour 30 mins 15 mins
Onsite Optional Optional Optional Up to 4 days/year Up to 4 days/week
Account Management          
Service Account Manager no Yes Yes Yes Yes
Business Review No Annually Semi-Annually Quarterly Quarterly
Training, Events and Resources          
Custom Training Events No No 1 week 2 weeks 2 weeks
BrainShare or SUSECon Passes No 1 2 6 6
Reduced-fee seminars and internships No No No No No

*Your ASE is only available 12x5, but you may contact the Support Center 24x7.

**You may contact your PSE or DSE after hours by phone for critical Severity 1 issues.

Resources and Contact Information