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NetIQ Performance Endpoints - NetIQ Vivinet Assessor 3.3 User Guide
3 Mar 2016 ...NetIQ Performance Endpoints - NetIQ Vivinet Assessor 3.3 User Guide. docmain.css" /> 1.4 NetIQ Performance Endpoints Before you begin using Vivinet Assessor, you should install NetIQ Performance Endpoint software on each computer you plan to use in VoIP

NetIQ Documentation: NetIQ Vivinet Diagnostics Version 2.3 User Guide - NetIQ Performance Endpoints - June 19 2014
19 Jun 2014 ...Section 1.7.2, Deploying Endpoints Section 1.7.3, Searching Subnets for Performance Endpoints 1.7.1 Downloading and Installing Endpoints You can download free Performance Endpoints from the Current Performance Endpoints Product Upgrades page. PDFs are

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