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How do I apply or update my NetIQ Exchange Migrator (EM) software license? (7011645)
5 May 2016 ...key to a permanent EM license key? Resolution To install a new license for Exchange Migrator (EM): From the Exchange Migrator MMC (Microsoft Management Console), highlight then right-click the Exchange Migrator folder in the left-hand pane. Select View

Migrated mail objects are not restored to source server after Undoing the migration. (7010865)
5 May 2016 ...document. Environment NetIQ Exchange Migrator 8.1.1 Situation Undo Migration does not work correctly when you perform the undo migration task in an intra-organization migration from Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.  NetIQ

NetIQ Exchange Migrator is a powerful applicat...
7 Sep 2015 ...Download All PDFs NetIQ Exchange Migrator view size last update NetIQ Exchange Migrator Release Notes  html     10/2012 NetIQ Exchange Migrator User Guide     pdf  .5 MB 12/2011 NetIQ Free/Busy Consolidator Technical

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