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Debug messages are returned from the IASC plugin that must be clicked through.

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NetIQ Enhanced Smart Card Method (NESCM)


Symptom: When in compatibility mode both the iPrint and IASC plugins work but three debug messages are returned from the IASC plugin that must be clicked through.

Message is returned about not being able to verify the publisher.  Another message directs the user on how to debug the web page.


This appears to be the result of a configuration change made while locking down the Windows Internet Explorer browser.  Ensure the following settings are set using a custom level.  Once things are working one can determine what else can be safely locked down.
For the message about not being able to verify the publisher check the following in IE's Security Settings - Custom Level:
- Run ActiveX and plug-ins - Enabled
- Download Signed ActiveX Control - Enabled
- Script ActiveX controls marked as safe for scripting - Enabled
- Download unsigned ActiveX Control - Enabled (later we can set to Prompt)
- Initialize and script ActiveX controls not mark as safe -  Enabled (later we can set to Prompt)
For the message about wanting to debug the webpage check the following in IE's Tools - Internet Options - Advanced
- Disable script debugging for both IE and Other - Enable (this is the default)
- Display a notification about every script error - Disable  (this is the default)
Some settings will require a reboot due to IE's intimacy with the OS.  Also verify the settings are still set as AV apps (Stopzilla, Norton, etc.) can prevent IE changes.  If this is the case one must start in Safe Mode.


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    • NovellIdentity Assurance Solution Client (IASC)

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