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SSPR config manager not available

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SSPR 3.x
SSPR 4.x


Link to SSPR Configuration Editor is not shown on SSPR page
SSPR configuration has been locked
How to unlock SSPR Configuration Manager


For appliance installations of SSPR do the following:
  1. Go to the appliance administrative console at
  2. Select "Administrative Commands" 
  3. Click "unlock configuration"
After you no longer need configuration to be unlocked be sure to select the  option to lock the configuration when you are done.

For Linux or Windows (i.e. non-appliance) installations of SSPR do the following:

Edit the SSPRConfiguration.xml file found in the  Tomcat directory under   webapps/SSPR/WEB-INF
and restart the SSPR service.

Edit the SSPRConfiguration.xml as follows:
Set  "configIsEditable"  to true.  It should look like this:
    <property key="configIsEditable">true</property>

Also, if the configuration password has been forgotten or no longer works, delete the property "configPasswordHash"
    <property key="configPasswordHash">

Additional Information

Note:  SSPRConfiguration.xml can be edited with any text editor that can do UTF8 character encoding.   Be sure to use a texteditor that can save UTF8.  Notepad.exe can not save UTF8; Wordpad.exe can.


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