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Take control of target VM fails with error "HttpsFailedToPutFile. Unable to write data to the transport connection"

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NetIQ PlateSpin Protect 10.x
Workloads protected to target VMWare host platform (direct ESX or via Vcenter)


Replications enter into a Recoverable Error state when trying to upload or download files (such as the target take control ISO) to or from the ESX, ESXi, or DRS cluster (Virtual Center) container. 

Error information may include an HTTP 500 error reported from the ESX, ESXi or Virtual Center server as well as the following error:

HTTPS Put File Failed - Reason: Unable to write data to the transport connection: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine


If receiving the error message after disconnecting an ESX or ESXi host, or a Virtual Center server from the cluster:

Reconnect the ESX or ESXi host and attempt the replication again.  If the host cannot be reconnected to the cluster, contact Support for further assistance.

If receiving the error message when a data center name has a special character in it:

Modify the data center name so that it does not contain special characters, such as "#", "+", "&", "%".  

If receiving the error message after or during an internal failure on the ESX or ESXi server:

Make sure hostd is operating as expected.  If it is not operating as expected, either restart the hostd service or reboot the ESX/ESXi server.  Note: this action will cause all VMs hosted on that container to shut down gracelessly.

If receiving the error message while the ESX or ESXi hosts in the cluster are in Maintenance mode:

Bring the hosts out of maintenance mode before attempting the replication again.

Additional Information

The above situations can affect either the upload or download of files to or from the target container.  As this happens at multiple points during most of the jobs that Protect performs, this can occur during replications, Failovers, Test Failovers, Failbacks, and Reprotects.


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