Service Account Management

Service Account Management is one of the most valuable aspects of the Technology Support program. Your Service Account manager will develop a close working relationship, developing a knowledge of your business and support needs so they can help you strengthen your service organization. In addition to escalation assistance, communication coordination and service request and satisfaction reviews upon request, your Service Account Manager will coordinate a periodic Business Review to share reporting on your support usage and to gather feedback about your service needs.

Premium Service Engineers

Premium Service Engineers, provided in the TPS 250, TPS 500 and TPS 1000 programs, greatly elevate your support experience. A Premium Service Engineer provides a single point of contact for all your support queries, understands your technical environment, and responds to your problems more quickly. Higher levels of dedication provide higher levels of personalized, responsive service.

Assigned Support Engineer

An Assigned Support Engineer (ASE) provides the first level of personalized support, managing issues from recognition to resolution. Assigned Support Engineers are available over the phone during business hours.

Primary Support Engineer

A Primary Support Engineer (PSE) solves problems and provides proactive guidance. Because they are assigned to only a few accounts, these engineers can give you more of their time and develop a more personalized technical support relationship with your business. A Primary Support Engineer will visit you on-site periodically during the year and is available 24x7 by phone for emergency situations. PSEs are located in major cities and near our field offices, allowing them to have a closer relationship with you while maintaining a tight link to our support infrastructure.

Dedicated Support Engineer

A Dedicated Support Engineer (DSE) serves and supports your business as their primary focus. They solve problems, perform proactive maintenance, work closely with our resources to resolve issues and work onsite at your business. There is no stronger support relationship available than that of the DSE.

Advantage Service Request Packs

Advantage Service Requests allow you to get fast access to a team of senior engineers who are staffed to respond to your support issues in an hour or less during local business hours. If needed, you may also open your Service Request after hours with the Support Center, and then request that it be escalated to the Advantage team during the next business day.

Support Center Access

Rest assured, you have our award winning support organization standing by to assist should technical issues arise. As a technology partner, you have 24x7 access to our global support centers, with a priority response time of 1 hour to senior engineers during business hours.The number of service requests vary by program level as outlined in the benefits table above.

Custom Training

Based on a custom training assessment, we will build and provide customized training that meets the unique needs of your organization. Most training is provided in an online live format, providing you the luxury of having a live instructor for your support personnel located around the world. They can train together without the associated travel costs. Online tools are used to view instructor demonstrations, send the instructor questions, chat with other participants and complete online labs.

BrainShare or SUSECon Passes

BrainShare and SUSECon are our premier technology conferences and provide the opportunity to hear strategic business and technology announcements, attend technology seminars and labs, and interface with key employees and partners.

Advanced Technical Training and Internships

As a Technology Partner, you receive a discount to our Advanced Technical Training sessions. Choose the convenience of joining an online session or the option to attend a live session. Alternatively, internships are a great way to improve your ability to troubleshoot and resolve Netiq product issues. For up to one week, you will work in the support center shadowing a back-line support engineer. During that time you will learn our problem-resolution process, troubleshoot service requests, attend any hands-on training taking place and solve real-life problems in a lab environment. Internships are arranged upon request.

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