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Managing multiple sets of licenses for hardware, operating systems and applications was confusing, often leading to unexpected audit findings and scrambles to either reduce monitoring coverage or increase the IT spend beyond the planned budget. The winery needed a way to reduce complexity, expand its coverage, and reliably predict the outcome of audits.

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About Award-Winning Winery

This award-winning winery happens to be the world’s largest family-owned winery and the largest exporter of California wine. But as business has grown, so too has their need to manage IT.


When the world’s largest family-owned winery and the largest exporter of California wines in the world needs IT Operations Management solutions, it turns to NetIQ. But as business has grown, so too has the need to manage IT. The winery has depended on NetIQ products to monitor and manage its infrastructure with NetIQ AppManager for years. The winery initially chose this solution because of its multiplatform support, particularly regarding UNIX. When the winery saw an opportunity to save money with a new licensing model, it pounced.

Expansion of the winery’s IT environment forced it to increase the amount of servers in the environment. The massive volume of servers, operating systems and applications was next to impossible to keep track of, which made it difficult to manage audits—audits that became all the more time-consuming because of their complexity. The winery knew it needed to find an easier way to get great monitoring and ways to easily expand without making audits needlessly complex.

Our Solution

The winery found a perfect solution in a new licensing model from NetIQ. By continuing to use AppManager for dependable hardware, systems and application monitoring, the winery could retain the value of its existing technology investments and build upon a known foundation. However, it found the complexity of dealing with its multiple licenses challenging and were considering switching to another monitoring solution.

After learning about the new licensing model solutions for the data center, the winery was intrigued if it could reduce the number of licenses it had to manage while expanding its monitoring footprint. The winery found that the new licensing model allowed it to easily monitor hardware, multiple operating systems and different applications without being tied down to any particular vendors. The ability to have licenses that allowed it the flexibility to switch operating systems and applications being monitored without having to purchase different licenses or necessarily increasing the number of licenses it needed particularly appealing.

The new licensing program made it very easy for the winery to repurpose hardware, switch operating systems and monitor new applications without increasing the complexity of their auditing process. The winery no longer had to manage different licenses for physical servers, another set for virtual servers and a third set for the operating system being monitored. This greatly reduced the winery’s audit complexity for their IT monitoring and management solution.


The winery was also able to switch to a multi-year  maintenance  contract,  reducing  the  number of licenses it manages while also expanding monitoring coverage. By adding this multi-year support agreement, the winery not only expanded the number of instances under coverage—but also locked down a fixed price for support for multiple years, making IT budgeting easier.

The new licensing model for IT Operation Management solutions allowed the winery to easily expand its licenses to include new servers, infrastructure and applications in its environment in such a way that everything is predictable and easy to manage, but without any hidden costs.

By switching to the new licensing structure, this renowned winery was able to include a three-year maintenance contract and save US$20,000 each year on maintenance and license costs alone. That sum doesn’t even include all the time and money the winery saves by reducing how many licenses it has to manage.


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  • Introduced a licensing model that expands the number of instances under coverage but locks down a fixed price for support for multiple years
  • Allowed the organization to save US$20,000 each year on maintenance and license costs

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