U.S. Financial Services Corporation

The company must ensure rapid, round-the-clock access to a wide range of business-critical applications—slow performance or errors can have a huge impact on banking operations, negatively affecting service delivery.

About U.S. Financial Services Corporation

This leading U.S. financial services corporation offers retail banking, asset management and transaction processing services to more than six million consumer and corporate customers across approximately 20 states.

The company has expanded fast, increasing its operational footprint and customer base organically and through acquisitions. To keep operations running smoothly, the corporation relies on a range of business applications.

“Our IT team needs to provide business users with rapid, round-the-clock access to business applications—slow performance or errors can have a huge impact on banking operations, negatively affecting service delivery and potentially causing our company to lose out on valuable business,” said a company spokesperson.

A customer for 15 years, the financial services corporation has long used AppManager to monitor operating systems and applications running on both physical and virtual servers.

The company found that expansion was increasingly affecting performance in its application monitoring environment, preventing IT staff from taking full advantage of our solution’s management capabilities. The size of the company’s application environment meant that the company was unable to effectively use the AppManager web console to check the status of jobs and events or monitor application availability.


A leading US financial services corporation found that rapid expansion was increasingly affecting performance in its application monitoring environment, with slow response times threatening to impact service levels.

Our Solution

The company wanted a solution capable of monitoring its diverse applications, enabling rapid identification of issues and guaranteeing a responsive service to business users. For enhanced application performance and availability, the company also wanted to link its existing solution from us with a new event configuration management database.

The financial services corporation turned to us for assistance. To solve the company’s monitoring issues, our team recommended deploying AppManager Operations Portal, an enhanced version of the AppManager console that provides an intuitive, web-based view of system and application performance.

To integrate events from AppManager® into its event configuration management database, the company selected Aegis®. An IT process automation platform, Aegis integrates with existing tools to control information flow, notifications and actions according to predefined processes.

“As a long-time user of NetIQ (now a part of Micro Focus) solutions, we did not hesitate to partner with NetIQ once again when it came to upgrading our application monitoring environment,” said a spokesperson. “The combination of AppManager Operations Portal and Aegis offered the enterprise-grade solution we needed to really take control of application management.”

By using Aegis workflows to feed metrics and events from AppManager into its database, the financial services corporation will gain greater automation and improved control over information flow and events, freeing up IT staff for more productive work and accelerating service delivery.

The company is currently working with our technical support and services teams to roll out our solutions and integrate them with existing IT systems.


Once fully operational, our solutions will provide the corporation with a stable, flexible foundation for meeting the demands of growth and managing an expanding IT landscape more effectively.

“AppManager Operations Portal will give us immediate visibility into the status and health of IT systems and applications from a single point of control,” said a spokesperson. “With a clear view of IT service status and rapid notification about potential issues, we can accelerate troubleshooting and quickly allocate resources to remediate problems, reducing the impact on end users and the business.”

IT administrators will also be able to better track system trends, such as recurring incidents, capacity usage and exceptions to normal operations, supporting more informed decisions and proactive problem prevention.

“By enhancing our existing NetIQ application monitoring environment with AppManager Operations Portal, we will be able to maintain high levels of performance and availability for applications and systems, even as business volumes increase,” said a spokesperson. “Ultimately, this will help our company provide faster, more effective service to both internal users and external customers.”

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