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To comply with Spanish IT security laws covering access to online public service resources, SEPE was required to implement a single sign-on solution for its online portal, Redtrabaj@. SEPE decided to implement NetIQ Access Manager, enabling legal compliance, reducing employees’ administrative workloads and improving the mobility of benefits claimants.

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“Secure online self-registration has ensured that benefits claimants no longer need to spend three or four hours waiting in line...”Eugenio García GómezHead of Security and Logistics, Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal

About Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal

Headquartered in Madrid, Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal (SEPE) is responsible for implementing government policy on Spain’s unemployment benefit. SEPE has over 10,000 employees at its central office and in regional centers across the country. The department currently administers unemployment benefits to over three million Spanish citizens.


Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal (Spanish Public Employment Service, or SEPE) is a Spanish Ministry of Labour organization that implements government policy on unemployment benefits. Registering candidates applying for unemployment benefits is one of SEPE’s principal responsibilities.

Until recently, candidates had to apply for benefits in face-to-face interviews, which entailed a high administrative workload for SEPE’s central department and local agencies. The rising number of Spanish citizens applying for unemployment benefits in the recent economic downturn further increased this workload.

In October 2009, SEPE created an online portal called “Redtrabaj@” to automate the unemployment-benefits application process. The portal now has over one million users. SEPE needed to ensure that the portal’s access management processes complied with Spanish IT security legislation introduced in 2007, which requires Spanish citizens to have secure single sign-on access to online public services resources.

“Given the sensitivity of the information contained within Redtrabaj@, we had to have absolute faith in the security of the access solution,” said Eugenio García, head of security and logistics at SEPE. “Furthermore, the diversity of the portal’s potential users was such that access needed to be very straightforward.”

Our Solution

As a government department, SEPE had to carry out market studies and present its findings to a procurements commission before ultimately deciding on a solution. After evaluating several options, SEPE selected Access Manager as the most easily adaptable and cost-effective among them.

With Access Manager, applicants for unemployment benefits can now securely register themselves online and SEPE can monitor people who (and companies that) use Redtrabaj@. “We now only rarely need to intervene in the benefits application process itself,” said García.

Despite the project’s scale, the solution took just nine months to integrate and implement. SEPE is currently in the process of rolling out Access Manager for its intranet. “Our intranet has 42,000 users,” said García, “so it will be a significant achievement to unite them all in a web single sign-on solution."


SEPE is already seeing the benefits of implementing Access Manager, especially in terms of regulatory compliance. García praised the Access Manager implementation’s ability to guarantee Redtrabaj@’s compliance with Spanish IT security laws. “Citizens throughout Spain can use the portal with complete confidence that their information is secure,” García said.

In addition, SEPE staff members who formerly had to individually interview applicants for unemployment benefits are now seeing a significant reduction in their administrative  workloads and are consequently able to work on other important tasks.

“Secure online self-registration has ensured that benefits claimants no longer need to spend three or four hours waiting in line in an office,” said García. “Unemployed citizens can now complete their applications in the comfort of their own homes or use a laptop, internet café or designated portal, thus increasing their mobility and enabling them to use their time more productively to pursue employment opportunities.”

Access Manager has also improved the application process’s transparency. Finally, single sign-on in particular has made it easier for claimants who are unaccustomed to dealing with online services to use Redtrabaj@.

“There is no doubt in my mind that there has been a significant qualitative improvement in the service we deliver since the introduction of Redtrabaj@,” said García.



  • Reduced administrative workload for staff
  • Provided the ability for applicants to save time by registering online

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