We Takes Center Stage for Security at Global Events

For major sporting and cultural events, a significant and growing challenge is ensuring information security without hindering ease of access for the diverse mix of internal employees, external contractors, and third-party media outlets who must all work together for a successful outcome. With potentially tens of thousands of partners and millions of spectators seeking and consuming data on these events, how can organizers ensure rock-solid security on every front without letting cost and complexity spiral out of control?

About We Takes Center Stage for Security at Global Events

Audiences both at home and in attendance at large events want to get closer to the action. In response, organizers of such events are continually adding sensors, cameras and new viewpoints, leading to an explosion in data volumes, and raising the bar for information security. To ensure smooth operations, organizers must also protect against a new generation of cyber attacks, targeting the ever expanding attack surface.


For widely viewed global events across sports, culture and entertainment, the challenge in keeping communications and information services secure and available is intense, as any failure would be highly public. Such events typically depend on months or even years of preparation, bringing together diverse teams of employees, partners and volunteers, all of whom will require different levels of access to internal information resources.

Equally, to stay relevant in an increasingly connected world, organizers must introduce latest-generation technology—from ultra-precise sensors and real-time reporting and statistics delivered to the global media, to extra camera angles and behind-the-scenes shots.

As a result, events today create a huge volume of data to manage and distribute, a large number of internal and external systems to protect, and also a large potential attack surface for malware, cyber attacks and other potential IT security issues.

Our Solution

Championing Events with a Big Audience
During the preparation phases, the organizers of large-scale events—whether global, regional or national—must provide convenient access to multiple groups of employees, contractors, volunteers and external consumers of event-related data output, without compromising the security of information systems. Access controls must remain in place during the event and beyond, and organizers also then face the dual challenge of ensuring that spectators can enjoy uninterrupted viewing of the action—whether via TV or streamed to a mobile device—and keeping cyber security under constant control.

Like professional athletes, organizers must start preparing for their events a long time in advance, typically performing thousands of hours of testing and running through problem scenarios—spanning from low-risk situations such as a journalist mis-typing a password, to more serious hacking attempts.

To facilitate the management of a highly complex and diversified landscape—which will certainly include large numbers of servers, network and security devices, computers, business technologists and the processing of accreditations—and to provide event information instantly and in complete security, a stable, reliable and scalable identity, access control and security management environment is paramount.

Building on Past Success
Identity Manager, Access Manager™, and Sentinel Enterprise have a proven record in providing secure and convenient information delivery to event staff, participants, spectators and the media, from the planning stages through the full duration of the event and beyond.

Identity Manager can be leveraged to enhance security and regulatory compliance by synchronizing identity information and login credentials across numerous heterogeneous systems. The solution enables rapid, highly automated provisioning and deprovisioning of users, with centralized control to reduce administration effort.

Access Manager enables the extension of authenticated access to web-based systems and applications, all managed from a single console. Single sign-on capabilities simplify login for authorized users, keeping the environment secure while enabling faster access and higher productivity. By allowing login only with authorized credentials, Access Manager helped to secure all protected web resources from potential external attacks.

Seamlessly integrating with Identity Manager, Sentinel Enterprise provides flexible and comprehensive analysis and management of security logs, with real-time policy-driven alerts, making it easier and more intuitive to filter and prioritize potential risks to data and speed the detection and disruption of threats in the environment.


Medal-Winning Performance
With our identity and security solutions as part of the backbone of IT infrastructure for major events, organizers can maintain security at all times across multiple different networks. This frees them to focus on their core mission: ensuring reliable real-time broadcasting of sound, video and other data, even for complex events involving multiple areas of simultaneous action.

Our solutions can provide secure, instant and continuous access to hundreds of thousands of broadcasters’ data feeds, accredited media outlets and event logistics controllers. Integration with high-speed networks means that TV commentators and news agencies can receive results and information in real time, so that viewers can enjoy events at their fingertips and via any device.

By helping to proactively manage the risk associated with cyber attacks and ensuring that information access is tightly controlled, Our Security Management solutions provide the ultimate defense to safeguard the smooth running of major events.

During a recent two-week global sporting event, operational teams collected more than 90 million system events. With our solutions intelligently processing the events, this figure was continuously culled and prioritized down to approximately 30 to 60 events per day that required hands-on resolution based on the level of business risk they posed, saving valuable time and resources for the Incident Management team.


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  • Enables rapid on-boarding and easy management of multiple internal users
  • Identifies and prioritizes potential security breaches, helping prevent attacks
  • Safeguards sensitive information by allowing access to authorized personnel only
  • Supports the media in broadcasting events to a global audience

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