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Safeguarding sensitive information with flexible authentication management.

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"With NetIQ Advanced Authentication we are fully confident of our ability to manage secure access to confidential information efficiently and effectively—keeping clients' assets protected."Timo SenkpielChief Information Security Office, RWS

About RWS Language Solutions

Over the last 60 years, RWS has established itself as a world leader in translation, intellectual property, life sciences and language support services. The company is renowned for the high caliber of its in-house teams and the top-tier quality of service it provides. RWS is headquartered in the United Kingdom, and has offices in the United States, Japan, China, Australia, Germany, France, Sweden and Switzerland.

RWS' Language Solutions Division in Germany specializes in the translation of technical documentation and the use of cutting-edge translation technologies such as advanced Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) software.


Whether it's a patent for a new product, a press release or legal documentation, RWS is often tasked with translating sensitive material.

Protecting confidential information is a top priority for all organizations, be it to safeguard intellectual property or to keep financial or customer details secure. Regardless of the motivation, RWS must ensure complete security for the documents it is tasked with translating.

Timo Senkpiel, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at RWS in Germany, begins: "We take our duty to protect confidential information very seriously. We offer the RWS Secure Translations service based on ISO 27001 information security standards. This guarantees secure transmission of client data and that documents are processed in a controlled environment—easier said than done, especially when many translators work remotely."

With translators located all around the world, providing secure remote access to confidential information represented a significant challenge. When RWS began experiencing reliability issues with its existing authentication solution, it needed to act fast to avoid slowing down business growth and losing revenue.

Our Solution

After evaluating solutions from numerous vendors, RWS selected NetIQ® Advanced Authentication as the foundation for its RWS Secure Translations service.

Timo Senkpiel recalls: "We had actually already chosen another vendor's offering when we came across an interesting webinar from MTRIX—a specialist in authentication providing technical services as well as hardware and software from different vendors—which brought NetIQ Advanced Authentication to our attention. We quickly realized that the NetIQ solution was far more cost-efficient at just a third of licensing and administration costs as competitive solutions with a lot of fantastic features, so we decided to go with that instead. Support from implementation partner MTRIX has been great; we were very impressed by their personal and professional approach."

Working closely with MTRIX, RWS' Language Solutions Division in Germany deployed the NetIQ solution to control all authentication policies and devices in one place, dramatically simplifying security management.

Additionally, NetIQ Advanced Authentication offers built-in support for hardware and software-based tokens. MTRIX provided fully-compatible Yubico YubiKey tokens, which can act as a second authentication factor.

"All information is stored on central servers in our Berlin office within three separate network zones depending on the level of security required," says Timo Senkpiel. "To access most files, translators simply need to enter their password to log onto the system. For our RWS Secure Translations service, information is protected by an extra layer of security. Users must insert their personal YubiKey or type in a code from an app as a second authentication factor. Our YubiKeys use a method called HOTP to generate unique One-Time Passwords based on a cryptographic function. The smartphone apps rely on time-based One-Time Passwords (TOTP) that remain valid for 60 seconds only, protecting against potential interception of the password in transit."

The NetIQ solution supports software tokens with easy-to-use apps for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile, allowing users to obtain authentication codes from their smartphone. With NetIQ Advanced Authentication, RWS can define which factors should be used for authentication at the user level, ensuring fine-grained control over access.


With NetIQ Advanced Authentication, RWS manages authentication with greater flexibility and control, helping the IT team to keep confidential information safe and secure.

Timo Senkpiel remarks: "By replacing our existing hardware tokens with YubiKeys as well as smartphone apps and managing everything with the NetIQ solution, we have improved security. And because the multi-factor authentication process is now much quicker and simpler for project managers and translators, we need to do less configuration and hand-holding, saving administrators 30 minutes per user. Time and effort spent on user support has reduced considerably."

He concludes: "With NetIQ Advanced Authentication, we are fully confident of our ability to manage secure access to confidential information efficiently and effectively—keeping clients' assets protected."

Professional Business Services


  • Helps ensure that only authorized users can access confidential information
  • Enables compliance with global security standard ISO 27001, providing a solid foundation for the RWS Secure Translations service
  • Simplifies authentication management, saving the IT team time and effort by reducing the workload by 30 minutes per user
  • Offers a wide range of security features at just a third of the license and administration cost of competitive solutions

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