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The company relied on local IT managers to onboard new users and deactivate unused accounts. Manual processes were slow and inefficient, and a lack of standardization hindered security and compliance. NetIQ Identity Manager centralized user management and automated provisioning, accelerating onboarding from five days to two minutes. The solution is projected to deliver full return on investment (ROI) within 30 months.

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“Sentinel would help us monitor compliance and security across our IT landscape.”SpokespersonOfficial representative, Professional services company

About Professional Services Company

As a professional services company that helps clients expand internationally, this organization maintains a staff of accountants, legal, financial, corporate secretarial, human resources (HR) and payroll professionals in over 70 countries.


To meet local and international audit requirements and protect its reputation, the company makes IT security one of its top priorities. To ensure the best approach to security across its global operations, the company undertook an audit and identified opportunities for improvement in its IT systems and processes.

One finding from the audit was that the company should standardize its existing user management processes. Instead of relying on local managers to create, manage and deactivate user profiles as people joined or left the organization, the company wanted to create a centralized, automated and unified process that would reduce the risk of unauthorized users gaining access to its systems.

Our Solution

The company worked with Happiest Minds, a global IT services provider, to assess a new user management solution and assist with the evaluation and selection of software.

The company and Happiest Minds began by reviewing existing user management processes from different perspectives, including compliance: They identified gaps and designed a new unified process. To support these processes, the company needed to find a solution that could integrate with multiple HR systems and provide centralized identity management.

Although cloud-based identity management systems were an option, the company decided it wanted an on-premises solution, which Happiest Minds would maintain as a managed service. Thus, the team began evaluating solutions from several vendors, including Microsoft and NetIQ.

“In terms of meeting our compliance requirements, increasing the ease of administration and integrating well with our existing landscape, the NetIQ solutions were the best fit with our business,” said a company spokesperson. “We quickly realized that Identity Manager could dramatically enhance our user provisioning and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, while Sentinel would help us monitor compliance and security across our IT landscape.”

Happiest Minds helped implement the solutions and connect them with existing systems such as Microsoft Active Directory, which the company uses as its main user directory.

To simplify integration, Happiest Minds set up an intermediate database between Identity Manager and several HR systems, using Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) to exchange data between them.

With the technical solution in place, the team began developing the new business processes that would govern user management and implementing new capabilities such as password synchronization and a self-service password reset portal.


Identity Manager gives the professional services company a single, central point of control for identity management that standardizes and automates all the processes related to employees, contractors, vendors or other people that can access the corporate network and systems.

When a new employee joins, a manager can now set up an account for them on all the appropriate systems within a few minutes—a process that took up to five days before. Approval workflows enable managers to approve or deny access requests with just a few mouse clicks.

When a user leaves the company, Identity Manager automatically revokes access to all systems, which ensures a higher level of security.

Meanwhile, Sentinel provides intuitive graphical dashboards that simplify audits, replacing manual spreadsheet-based processes that used to occupy a 20-person team for up to three weeks per year.

Together, the solutions help the professional services company comply with ISO 27001 IT security standards—a major pillar in the company’s reputation.

By streamlining user management and compliance reporting processes, the company’s new solution will reduce operational costs and is expected to provide a full return on investment within 30 months.


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  • Gained the ability to provision new user accounts in a matter of minutes
  • Provided intuitive graphical dashboards that simplify audits

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