NetIQ delivers single identity management infrastructure to deliver cloud connectivity and real time data synchronization.

“Using Identity Manager enables us to synchronize all our internal and cloud-based applications as close to real time as we can make it, which is hugely valuable to our dynamic and fast-moving business.” Official representativeIT MANAGER, NICE

About NICE

When the world’s leading companies want to improve business performance, increase operational efficiency, prevent financial crime, ensure compliancy, or enhance safety and security, they talk to NICE. With 25,000 customers, and 3,500 employees operating in 150 countries, NICE ranks among the world’s most innovative companies, placing in the top 10 ‘innovators in money’ category.


NICE operates a complex IT environment, based on an organizational hierarchy spread over multiple domains. IT staff manages the user provisioning and de-provisioning process for all users globally. Manually managing user lifecycles for thousands of users was time-consuming and error-prone. Without automation, human mistakes were common which could present a security risk and a great difficulty in complying with strict data privacy regulations. 

According to a NICE IT manager: “Whenever a new employee joined or left NICE, we needed to manually update the account information to all the systems the user had or needed access to. Everything was managed through email. There was no automation and human mistakes were commonly made, resulting in user security groups with missing or extra users, presenting a security risk to the company.”

EDP Group, a certified NetIQ Identity Manager partner, was asked to provide an identity management solution for managing user lifecycles on the NICE IT environment which also includes cloud service providers.

The main requirement was a standard approach for synchronizing information between different systems and platforms.

Our Solution

EDP helped in understanding and mapping the organizational needs and defined the objectives with NICE.

EDP supported the implementation process and within three months NICE was live with a single identity management solution for the whole enterprise. The HR ERP system is regarded as a single source of the truth and from it the Active Directories, Exchange and many other business-critical applications, are synchronized and updated in real time, using an event-driven system. Discussing the advantage of an event-driven approach: “Prior to implementing the Identity Manager solution we would update our user account information on a daily or weekly basis, but the information would never be fully up-to-date. Using NetIQ Identity Manager enables us to synchronize all our internal and cloud-based applications as close to real time as we can make it, which is hugely valuable to our dynamic and fast-moving business.

Users are managed with a mix of role and rule-based provisioning policies so that the correct access privileges are granted when an employee joins, but are also easily changed when they move within the organization or are promoted. Password management is handled by Identity Manager too. Any password changes in the Active Directory are synchronized with the Oracle user account for that person. 


Updating user information is done really quickly and easily, and NICE IT staff is able to focus on adding value to its users. Automated password management has reduced the helpdesk workload by 15% and made it much easier for users to manage their own passwords.

Benefits are clear: “Our main objective was to comply with strict data privacy regulations while synchronizing information between different systems, including cloud-based solutions. Identity Manager has given us a compliant, structured, and scalable approach to manage our user lifecycles accurately and efficiently. We significantly reduced our administrative workload and cost associated with user provisioning and feel confident that we will be able to expand our infrastructure as NICE continues to grow.

“EDP and NetIQ have helped us to drastically improve our business processes and by automating our user provisioning system we have also addressed a potential security gap.”


Software/Programming Services


  • Reduced overhead
  • Addressed compliance requirements
  • Increased security
  • Single sign-on to enterprise and cloud-based applications

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