New York City Health and Human Services

The agency wanted to break down the information silos around its nine agencies. It needed a way to monitor security events to prevent policy violations and ensure regulatory compliance. With the use of NetIQ Sentinel™ and NetIQ Log Manager, the agency has significantly improved their reporting and auditing capabilities while minimizing the risk of security breaches

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“Using Sentinel and Sentinel Log Manager, we're better prepared for audits and can minimize the risk of security breaches.”JOE FLEISCHMAN
Project Manager
Office of the CIO New York City Health and Human Services

About New York City Health and Human Services

New York City Health and Human Services maintains software and technology platforms that support 80,000 people in nine agencies, each operating its own solutions. The agency needs to demonstrate compliance with numerous state and federal regulations that protect personal information.


New York City Health and Human Services Connect (HHS-Connect) needed to break down the silos between the nine agencies for which it develops and maintains applications and technology platforms. "Each agency built its own solutions to suit specific business problems," said Lou Sell, chief architect for New York City Health and Human Services. "We needed to monitor security events from all of these systems to prevent policy violations, but manually reviewing and correlating logs would have taken an inordinate amount of time."

Multiple laws govern the proper use of the agency's data. "To ensure compliance with these regulations, we needed to correlate security logs and transactions across systems to gain a comprehensive view," said Joe Fleischman, project manager in the office of the CIO for New York City Health and Human Services. "We also have many security filtering policies that determine which individuals at which agencies can access certain data. We needed a way to effectively track those policies.

Our Solution

After researching a number of commercial and custom solutions, HHS-Connect chose Sentinel and Sentinel Log Manager to monitor its IT systems in real time. "Building a custom solution would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and would have been extremely difficult and costly to maintain," said Fleischman. "Plus we would very likely have had to replace the custom solution after a few years when it no longer fulfilled our need. We found Sentinel and Sentinel Log Manager to be extremely customizable. We can easily pull in the right data fields and correlate that data to glean the information we need."

HHS-Connect worked with Accenture, a global market leader in technology, consulting and outsourcing and a business partner, to implement the solution. "We have hundreds of different logs being generated across our systems," said Fleischman. "Accenture devised a strategic plan to identify the most valuable logs and highest severity events to monitor. The Accenture team built the connectors to various application databases so we can centrally monitor security activities. The project was a success and was completed on time. We attribute that to Accenture and to the solutions."

HHS-Connect now uses Sentinel to detect and log daily security events, including application transactions, web service calls and authentication events. The agency uses Sentinel Log Manager to collect and analyze its log data. The software makes it easy to quickly recognize anomalies and potential policy violations. "We now have a single point of control for collecting and analyzing logs," said Fleischman. "That makes it much easier to gain a holistic view of our environment and proactively monitor any potential security issues."


"Sentinel and Sentinel Log Manager help us make sense of data from myriad sources, so we can quickly identify and respond to any system anomalies and potential policy violations," said Fleischman. "I don't know how we would have accomplished this type of sophisticated monitoring solution without them."

The solutions work well in the agency's heterogeneous IT infrastructure. They also proved to be a good investment for HHS-Connect's complex environment. "Sentinel and Sentinel Log Manager have already paid for themselves," said Fleischman. "Tracking these logs manually would have required a minimum of 20 additional staff and would have been far less effective for safeguarding data and ensuring security."

HHS-Connect has also improved its reporting and auditing capabilities. "Using Sentinel and Sentinel Log Manager, we're better prepared for audits and can minimize the risk of security breaches," said Fleischman. "If, for example, an authorized user misuses our systems, we can quickly identify and stop this behavior."


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  • Provided the ability to quickly identify and respond to any system anomalies and potential policy violations
  • Improved reporting and auditing capabilities
  • Reduced IT workload through automation

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