The Municipality of Siena

To enhance its security and comply with recent legislation, the Municipality turned to NetIQ identity and access solutions to improve the efficiency and security of user management procedures and improve its response times to suspected perimeter and internal threats.

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“With role-based provisioning, we can be sure that users have access only to information which corresponds appropriately to their positions.” SERGIO CORBINIIT Manager
Comune di Siena

About The Municipality of Siena

The Municipality of Siena retains a large amount of personal data on community residents, so it must maximize its IT environment's security to ensure the best-possible data protection.


The Municipality of Siena, located in the Tuscany region of Italy, provides public authority services to five constituencies in Siena and its surrounding province. As a public authority, the municipality retains a large amount of personal data about community residents. "The Municipality's data contains valuable demographic information, and it would be a disaster if a security breach led to its appropriation for commercial use," said IT manager Sergio Corbini.

The municipality also needed to comply with the Italian Data Protection Authority's recent legislation, which requires increased security measures for personal data to which system administrators have access. In addition, it wanted to improve response times to suspected internal threats. "We lacked the capability to respond in real time to security alerts," said Corbini.

And finally, with more than 700 employees, the municipality wanted to improve the efficiency and security of user management procedures that relied on line managers to authorize and remove user access rights, a process currently susceptible to tampering and human error.

Our Solution

To create a more secure and efficient IT environment, the Municipality of Siena sought out leading identity and security management solutions. In the end, the IT team worked with Net Studio, an IT services partner, to implement NetIQ Sentinel®, NetIQ Identity Manager 4 Advanced Edition and NetIQ Access Manager®. "Our relationship with Net Studio was entirely positive, and we were very satisfied with their highly professional approach," said Corbini.

Sentinel provides comprehensive security monitoring for all systems at the Municipality, including external access, the virtual private network, and the Internet. Sentinel significantly reduces the risk of perimeter threats by searching through thousands of events per second in real time to aggregate and display data, alerting IT to the threats that require immediate attention. The solution also reports, tracks and displays log data in real time to help detect policy violations inside the Municipality. In addition, Sentinel integrates with Identity Manager to identify internal users attempting to access unauthorized information. The solution logs system administrators' access to processing systems and electronic archives and retains the logs for a minimum of six months


Because Identity Manager fully automates user management processes, human resources (HR) can manage all 700 users without assistance from IT, greatly increasing efficiency while eliminating manual processes and reducing human error. Identity Manager creates new user accounts and email addresses using custom-built, role-based provisioning work-flows to grant appropriate access depending on job specification and department.

"One of the most exciting and distinctive features of Identity Manager is the solution's cloud provisioning capabilities. It's something we will certainly be exploring further in the coming months," said Corbini.

The municipality also benefits from the user satisfaction and productivity gains that Access Manager's single sign-on access to web-based applications provides. "Our users were tired of having to remember multiple credentials, so the single sign-on system has received very positive feedback," said Corbini.


The Municipality of Siena now has an optimized IT infrastructure to manage potential security risks. Enrico Giacomelli, general manager of Net Studio, said, "The Municipality now has a more holistic view of its IT environment and can respond to both external threats and internal policy violations in real time, thereby greatly reducing the risk of a security breach."'

Crucially, because Sentinel enables improved monitoring of system administrators' access, the Municipality can now demonstrate compliance with legal data-security requirements. Because Identity Manager centralizes and automates the user directory, the municipality spends 60 percent less time creating new user accounts. Furthermore, HR can now assume full responsibility for user management processes, so IT technicians are free to concentrate on other, higher-value tasks.

Identity Manager allows the Municipality of Siena to uphold its commitment to high data security standards, while also providing its users with timely access to the resources they need to be effective in their jobs. "With role-based provisioning, we can be sure that users have access only to information which corresponds to their position," said Corbini.

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  • Optimized IT infrastructure to manage potential security risks
  • Offered the ability to demonstrate compliance with legal data-security requirements
  • Reduced the time spent creating new user accounts by 60 percent

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