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Unreliable identity management processes created 70 hours’ remedial work per month for the company’s security team. Anticipating 12 percent annual growth in headcount, the company needed a more sustainable solution.

“We evaluated solutions from Oracle and CA, but neither compared to Identity Manager for ease-of-integration and cost-effectiveness.”Spokesperson , U.S.-based medical group

About Medical Group

This U.S.-based medical group’s specialist personnel work at hospitals across the country. The company employs over 9,000 people, including nearly 4,000 physicians and anesthetics specialists.


The existing solution contained many duplicate records, which led to inconsistencies. Password resets relied on screen-scraping techniques, which were unreliable – in 2012, 7,264 password reset attempts failed. Modifying user access was a manual process, since existing workflows did not work properly, and the solution often crashed and had to be rebooted. In total, the security team spent 1,200 hours over a period of 17 months on remediating these issues – adding more than 70 hours per month to their workload.

Our Solution

The company anticipated 12 percent annual growth in headcount for the next five years, and knew that its existing issues were only going to become more acute. The security team knew it had to find a more sustainable solution. The company evaluated solutions from software vendors including Oracle and CA before selecting Identity Manager. A company spokesperson said: “The NetIQ (now a part of Micro Focus) solution’s ability to integrate easily with our core applications, plus the convincing short- and long-term identity management strategy proposed by our NetIQ partner, based on a fixed-cost model, were the decisive factors.”

We and our partner worked closely with the medical company’s security team to develop a mutually agreeable implementation plan for the solution, including a number of quick wins that would help to build momentum within the organization. Separately, the medical company also performed a five-year cost comparison and found that the business case for our solution was compelling from a financial point of view.

“The close and trusted relationship that we forged between our security team and the NetIQ technical consultants made us confident about the outcome,” said the spokesperson. Together, the client, partner and NetIQ teams embarked on a phased implementation of Identity Manager Advanced Edition. The Integration Module for Databases and the Integration Module for Linux helped to integrate the solution successfully with both the NextGen ERP system and the group practice management application.


With our identity management solution up and running, the medical company is now in a much stronger position to meet the needs of its growing user-base while freeing the security team to focus on higher-value work, rather than basic user account management tasks.

Our solution is fully integrated with the company’s core applications, which means that processes such as password resets no longer depend on unreliable screen-scraping techniques. Equally, cleaning and de-duplicating the company’s identity management data is leading to greater data integrity and more consistency in system and user administration.

“As we move forward, all the identity-management issues that were causing us problems are disappearing,” said the spokesperson. “Using Identity Manager, we’re building a much more robust and automated set of processes. Instead of generating 70 hours of additional remedial work per month, we are confident that identity management will largely take care of itself in the future.”

The immediate success of the project has already helped to raise the credibility of the security team within the business, and as a result of the anticipated time savings and productivity gains that the solution will provide, it is expected to deliver a full return on investment.


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  • Accelerates integration with new systems
  • Eliminates inconsistencies and boosts data integrity
  • Automates identity management processes
  • Saves time and effort for the security team.

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