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To improve protection for vital information assets and reduce the risk of fraud, the bank sought to strengthen access governance and information security. An integrated suite of NetIQ solutions provides comprehensive identity management, access governance and security management, enhancing insight into enterprise risk and helping secure critical systems against threats.

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“NetIQ offers the complete package for safeguarding our business from the risk of fraud and other threats.”SpokespersonExecutive, A major bank in South Africa

About Major South African Bank

One of South Africa’s largest financial institutions, offering retail, commercial, corporate and investment banking services through a number of subsidiaries.


One of the largest banking groups in South Africa, this financial services provider offers banking, insurance and investment products and services to a wide variety of customers in South Africa and several other African countries.

The company has ambitious growth objectives, with a vision of becoming the leading player in Africa’s financial services market.

As the scope of its operations continues to expand, it is more important than ever for the company to enable secure, easy access to critical applications and data at all times.

“We were concerned that our existing identity management and access governance controls did not offer as high a level of protection as we required,” said a spokesperson.

“We wanted to replace isolated systems with a holistic solution that would provide better visibility and control of access rights, and reduce the risk of fraud.”

Our Solution

The company undertook a rigorous evaluation of access and security management solutions from several vendors, including NetIQ. As part of this evaluation process, the company invited NetIQ to conduct a comprehensive proof of concept (POC), consisting of NetIQ Identity Manager and NetIQ Access Governance Suite for automated user provisioning and deprovisioning, as well as comprehensive reporting.

The team also demonstrated how the bank could use NetIQ Sentinel™ as a monitoring tool for the identity management environment by providing full traceability of access activity and security events. For example, Sentinel can use information from Identity Manager to generate real-time alerts when an unauthorized user attempts to access sensitive information.

Convinced by the tight integration and rich functionality demonstrated by the solutions during the POC, the company selected NetIQ as its strategic identity, governance and security platform.

“The NetIQ consultants worked very closely with our team to understand our priorities and build a truly holistic solution,” said a spokesperson.

“With the POC, we saw firsthand the capabilities that NetIQ could bring to our access and security environment, and that the level of integration demonstrated by the NetIQ solutions really is unmatched.”

The company is currently working to extend the NetIQ solutions across its entire IT environment.

Once fully implemented, the solutions will provide comprehensive identity and access management for some 50,000 end users.


By providing on-demand visibility into individual user access to different systems, Identity Manager and Access Governance Suite allow the company to easily and efficiently enable, modify and terminate access as needed.

The introduction of Sentinel offers a further layer of security to the solution, providing sophisticated monitoring and instantly alerting the company to any potential threats, facilitating quick resolution of security breaches before they can impact the business.

This high level of insight helps considerably mitigate business risk, for example, by enabling the company to identify any accounts that may have unauthorized access to confidential information and quickly deprovision them, eliminating potential opportunities for fraud.

“NetIQ offers the complete package for safe-guarding our business from the risk of fraud and other threats,” said a spokesperson. “We can quickly and easily ensure that the right users have access to the right systems, improving efficiency and limiting the risk of unauthorized access to confidential information.”

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  • Offered a further layer of security to the solution
  • Provided on-demand visibility into individual user access to different systems

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