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With major changes to the regulatory environment approaching in the form of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and economic conditions still volatile in the wake of the global economic slowdown, the company wanted to minimize its exposure to operational and regulatory risks.

A spokesperson for the insurer said: “Weathering the turbulence of the economic downturn means reacting rapidly to adapt to new regulations–especially the ACA. To meet more stringent reporting requirements, we needed a cost-effective way to collate financial data from multiple business units. In addition to mitigating our regulatory risk, we knew that we could use enterprise-wide reporting capabilities to uncover actionable insights and cut our operational risk–for example, identifying and eliminating excessive policy entitlements.”

“Thanks to Identity Manager we can deploy advanced reporting tools non-disruptively–enabling us to comply with stringent reporting requirements ahead of time.”Spokesperson Leading Health Insurer,

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Operating across the United States through a network of more than 15,000 regional providers with 2,500 offices, clinics and hospitals, this leading health insurer serves more than one million members.


To create a central platform for more accurate reporting, the insurer first needed to upgrade multiple systems across its business. Achieving this goal required large-scale changes to identity policies–but the company’s legacy identity management system was effectively a “black box”, and any changes required costly external support.

Our Solution

After a thorough review of software from competing vendors, the insurer decided to replace its locked-down legacy system with our flexible, cost-efficient identity and access management solution.

“We were extremely impressed by the NetIQ (now a part of Micro Focus) team’s hands-on approach; they made the effort to truly understand our business,” said the spokesperson. “Following a successful four-day proof-of-concept exercise, we were convinced that the NetIQ solution would deliver the identity management capabilities we needed to seamlessly and securely update our mission-critical applications.”

Working with us, the insurer deployed Identity Manager, Access Manager™ and SecureLogin–enabling the business-wide changes to application identity policies required to create a central, secure platform for more accurate reporting.

“Using Identity Manager, we can define, edit and reuse identity policies in-house, with minimal cost or manual effort,” said the spokesperson. “Thanks to the fine-grained access-rights control, it was simple to offer our reporting teams secure, role-appropriate access to financial data held in heterogeneous, best-of-breed systems across the business.”


Since implementing our solutions, the insurer has gained the agility it needs to adapt rapidly within a fast-changing regulatory environment.

“Our NetIQ solutions enable us to modify the applications that support our business process more quickly and at a significantly lower cost than our previous identity management system,” said the spokesperson. “Thanks to Identity Manager, we can deploy advanced reporting solutions non-disruptively–enabling us to comply with stringent reporting requirements ahead of time. Without a doubt, our NetIQ solutions are a key enabler of our compliance strategy for the ACA.”

Using reporting solutions protected by SecureLogin, the insurer is now offering its decision-makers the deep, actionable insights that they need to identify and mitigate operational risks.

“Over millions of policies, even a small number of excessive entitlements can add up to a significant operational risk,” said the spokesperson. “Our NetIQ solutions have facilitated the provisioning of role-appropriate access to financial data held in heterogeneous systems across the business. Armed with these insights, our decision-makers can now ensure that each policy has the optimal entitlement, which helps reduce our operational risk dramatically.”


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  • Enables seamless identity-profile updates for mission-critical applications
  • Facilitates cost-effective access-rights management
  • Reduces operational risk with single sign-on functionality

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