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Johnsonville Sausage needed to give 1,300 employees and 500 external brokers secure access to a variety of applications, but managing 1,800 user identities took much of the IT staff’s time. Johnsonville Sausage implemented NetIQ Identity Manager to reduce administration time and cost by 80 percent and NetIQ Access Manager to provide easy and secure logins for employees and external brokers.

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"Our NetIQ solutions paid for themselves in a matter of months."Dan AllensworthInfrastructure Manager, Johnsonville Sausage

About Johnsonville Sausage

Wisconsin-based Johnsonville Sausage is the number-one national brand of brats, Italian sausage, smoked-cooked links and fresh breakfast sausage links. Johnsonville Sausage products are available in 27 countries including France, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China and the United States. Johnsonville employs 1,300 members and remains privately owned.


Johnsonville Sausage remains a privately owned company but has expanded operations throughout the world. The company now runs a variety of systems to support its core business operations, including many SAP applications. Johnsonville Sausage must provide its external brokers with secure, identity-based access to many of these applications. As a result, the IT staff spent considerable time manually managing 1,800 user identities. The situation forced users to remember multiple passwords. The company needed to simplify and automate its identity management. The solution had to work well with diverse SAP applications and be simple enough that it did not create more work for the IT staff.

Our Solution

Johnsonville Sausage evaluated a few identity management solutions before selecting Identity Manager and Access Manager.

“The SAP certification was a compelling factor in our selection of a NetIQ identity management solution,” said Dan Allensworth, infrastructure manager at Johnsonville Sausage. “We knew it was the right solution to integrate our diverse applications in a heterogeneous environment which includes Linux, Microsoft Windows NT and AS/400.”

Johnsonville Sausage worked with Paragon Development Systems (formerly Provident Technologies, Inc.) to implement the identity management solution. With Identity Manager, the company now has a central user directory. Identity Manager automatically synchronizes the identities of Johnsonville Sausage’s 1,800 users across each of its systems.

“NetIQ is a leader in identity management,” said Angela Daniels, director of computing and print architecture at Paragon Development Systems. “We evaluated other products, but found NetIQ offered a superior solution with the best out-of-the-box connectors.”

Using the Identity Manager driver for SAP, the IT team has connected all its SAP applications, including human resources, financials, warehouse management, materials management and supply chain.

“We don’t even consider installing a new SAP system without connecting it to Identity Manager up front,” said Sherry Zittel, network administrator for Johnsonville Sausage. “We are connecting as many other systems as we can, such as Kronos, because we know the tremendous value of doing it.”

Users now have a single ID and password to access applications, so they no longer have to keep passwords taped to their monitors. The company can consistently enforce password policies, which helps improve security. Password self-service enables users to reset their own passwords, reducing calls to the help-desk. Access Manager provides the company’s external brokers with single sign-on access to its web-based applications, improving their ability to do business with Johnsonville Sausage.


By automating identity management with Identity Manager, Johnsonville Sausage has reduced user management time and costs by 80 percent. The IT staff can now provision a new user in minutes, rather than days. When an employee leaves the company, the IT staff can immediately deprovision the user’s account to safeguard corporate assets. Overall, the IT staff can now provision and deprovision users 90 percent faster.

Identity Manager has reduced the number of passwords users need to remember by 85 percent, and the company’s external brokers now have single sign-on access to portal applications to better manage their orders and contracts.

Because users have fewer passwords to remember, they make fewer calls to the helpdesk for password-related issues. Employees can focus on their work and be more productive. The IT staff can now work on projects that impact the company’s bottom line because it is not always responding to identity management issues.

“Our NetIQ solutions paid for themselves in a matter of months,” said Allensworth. “Without NetIQ, we would have had to hire a lot more people to do basic user and desktop management. We would also have had a lot of frustrated users.”

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  • Reduced user management time and costs by 80 percent
  • Introduced immediate deprovisioning of user accounts
  • Reduced help-desk calls for password-related issues

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