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Each year, 4,000 new students start at JKU, which must efficiently manage user access rights for its large and fluctuating student population. Flexible teaching arrangements mean frequent changes in the organization’s scientific staff, and other staff also change jobs, responsibilities or departments regularly. The corresponding permissions, accounts and security measures need to be adjusted and managed continuously. With NetIQ Identity Manager, JKU automated user and data management workflows, improving data quality and security.

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“The software has proved to be very flexible, enabling us to meet new requirements and connect additional systems over time, and also to constantly extend and improve the system.”Claus WohlschlagerDirector of User Services, Information Management, Johannes Kepler University of Linz

About Johannes Kepler University

Johannes Kepler University of Linz (JKU) is one of Austria’s larger universities, with 19,000 students and 2,500 researchers and other staff. JKU sets itself apart from other universities by placing a strong focus on interdisciplinary combinations.


Founded in 1965, Johannes Kepler University of Linz (JKU) specializes in the fields of social and economic sciences, law, and engineering and natural sciences. The university offers 59 different programs to its 19,000 students. Around 2,500 researchers and other staff work in more than 250 institutes and departments, providing interdisciplinary teaching to prepare students for a successful working life and to conduct excellent research.

The university welcomes about 4,000 new students every year and also manages approximately 1,450 short-term teaching contracts. With a large and frequently changing population of students and staff to manage, JKU faces a significant challenge ensuring that new and existing users have timely access to the applications and data they need throughout their time at the university. For security reasons, JKU must also quickly remove users’ access rights when they leave.

Our Solution

“We originally selected Identity Manager as it offered the best fit for our requirements,” said Claus Wohlschlager, Director of User Services at JKU. “The software has proved to be very flexible, enabling us to meet new requirements and connect additional systems over time and also to constantly extend and improve the system.”

Identity Manager provides the needed framework for all identity information throughout JKU, ensuring that information remains consistent and up-to-date across all connected systems, including email and telephone systems and various Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. The solution automates a number of key user-management tasks, including provisioning and deprovisioning, which saves significant time and effort for the IT team. JKU also uses Identity Manager to drive the deployment of standard desktop computing configurations to appropriate user groups.

Identity Manager integrates with the smart card solution KeplerCard, a system for which JKU was heavily involved in the development, to manage physical access to buildings and secure rooms, and with external portals offering specialized services such as discounted notebooks for staff and students.

In addition, the solution supports inter-institutional cooperation, enabling JKU to join worldwide initiatives such as eduroam, a program that provides local wireless Internet access to students and researchers in 56 countries. JKU has connected approximately 25 systems to the Identity Manager solution, and a further 30 systems rely on the solution for authentication services. In all, JKU manages 86,000 student and 11,000 staff accounts.

Working with NetIQ partner COMPAREX, JKU extended its existing Identity Manager solution by integrating it with SAP Human Capital Management (SAP HCM). With the organizational data from the connected SAP organization management, the university can drive automated workflows and support resource provisioning immediately to the appropriate staff members. “COMPAREX provided expert assistance, helping us to enrich our identity management solution with information from our organizational charts,” said Wohlschlager.


With Identity Manager in place, students and staff have only one set of login credentials across all systems. This improves security and saves time when users need to update their passwords.

Many departments at JKU have improved efficiency and replaced manual processes by using Identity Manager to automatically provision access rights based on policies. For example, one department has been able to avoid manually creating, managing and ultimately deleting 100 student accounts for a particular course every semester.

Identity Manager has also streamlined master data management in the human resources department. Thanks to the integration with SAP HR, staff can quickly identify and easily correct erroneous master data, boosting overall data quality. The solution has enabled JKU to automatically create unified telephone directories for its two separate telephone systems and automate the creation of consistent mailing lists for specific buildings, departments or courses. Identity Manager has enabled the IT team to provide JKU staff with many new services and tools, helping everyone to save time and reduce workload.



  • Provided improved security and time savings
  • Improved efficiency
  • Streamlined master data management

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