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ISC Münster’s customers are legally required to store patient data securely. To boost competitiveness, ISC Münster sought ISO27001 certification, for which central log management is a prerequisite. ISC Münster implemented NetIQ Sentinel Log Manager to reduce operational risks and prove to auditors that it fulfills the strict ISO27001 requirements regarding data security.

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“Sentinel Log Manager includes a report generator, which provides us with all the information necessary for ISO27001 certification.”Bernhard FahrHead of Technology, ISC Münster

About ISC Münster

Informations Service Center (ISC Münster) is a leading IT service provider that specializes in providing customized solutions to its clients in the health insurance industry, offering consulting services, IT infrastructure implementations and software development. In total, the company manages the data of over one million patients insured by its clients. The firm is based in Münster, Germany, and employs 68 people.


To be commercially successful, ISC Münster and its clients in the health insurance industry must meet legal requirements for storing patient data securely. To sharpen its competitive edge, ISC Münster applied for ISO27001 certification—the internationally accepted data security standard.

To gain and keep this certification, ISC Münster deployed a central log management system on a stable platform to ensure compliance and reduce operational risks.

Our Solution

ISC Münster joined with TWINSEC to deliver a reliable solution that supports central log management and increases IT security. TWINSEC, a NetIQ partner with 16 security consultants and many years of experience with NetIQ products, provides architecture, solutions, design and implementation for security products.

After evaluating a range of solutions, ISC Münster chose to deploy NetIQ Sentinel Log Manager. “The combination of sophisticated search functionality and excellent value for money convinced us to select NetIQ Sentinel Log Manager,” explained Bernhard Fahr, Head of Technology at ISC Münster.

ISC Münster seamlessly integrated NetIQ Sentinel Log Manager into its existing IT environment, which includes Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange. TWINSEC also connected the NetIQ solution to various Linux systems, Solaris systems, firewalls and switches. In six months, ISC Münster integrated around 500 systems with NetIQ Sentinel Log Manager to monitor failed logins and authentications in internal systems, changes in access management rights and attempts to breach firewall rules.

“We implemented NetIQ Sentinel Log Manager four years ago, and we are delighted with the comprehensiveness of its coverage and its reliability,” Fahr said.


NetIQ Sentinel Log Manager simplified reporting, helping ISC Münster easily prove to auditors that data is stored securely. “The NetIQ Sentinel Log Manager includes a report generator, which provides us with all the information necessary for ISO27001 certification,” explained Fahr. “We can easily find archived log data and send it to auditors to fulfill all reporting requirements.”

The user-friendly interface of NetIQ Sentinel Log Manager reduces the amount of time the company spends on system administration. It provides a single view of important status information from multiple systems, so employees do not need to manually log in to different systems to monitor them. “Since monitoring became easier, staff keep a closer eye on the systems,” Fahr commented. “This helps us to keep our IT systems stable.”

NetIQ Sentinel Log Manager automatically informs relevant staff of potential security breaches, such as failed logins and changes in access management, enabling them to quickly resolve the issue. The solution also automatically archives historical data, helping ISC Münster to recognize trends and identify and prevent problems before they occur. The NetIQ solution plays a key role in helping ISC Münster reduce operational risks associated with IT security.

As ISC Münster gains more business, NetIQ Sentinel Log Manager can scale up to support the new clients. In the future, the company plans to use NetIQ Sentinel as part of a full security information and event management (SIEM) environment, which will enable real-time analysis of data security to actively prevent security breaches.



  • Simplified reporting, making it easy to prove to auditors that data is stored securely
  • Reduced administration time with user-friendly interface
  • Automated security processes to help IT identify and prevent problems before they occur

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