Infracom was finding it increasingly difficult to provide clients with transparent, real-time information on service performance. Delivering this capability was critical to ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining the company’s client base. Infracom implemented a comprehensive NetIQ business service management solution based on Operations Center. This solution offers real-time reporting on how the company is performing against its clients’ diverse SLAs.

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“The NetIQ solution has helped us considerably in managing different sets of customers and ensuring that we meet their needs efficiently and effectively.”Paolo MantovaniBusiness Unit Integrated Management and Services Director, Infracom

About Infracom

Infracom is a leading ITC service provider headquartered in Verona. The company employs around 500 people and runs four datacenters and numerous operating centers across Italy. It also manages a 9,000 kilometer fiber-optic network and metropolitan area networks in 40 cities.


Leading Italian ITC services provider Infracom offers hosting, platform and infrastructure-as-a-service solutions to medium- and large-sized companies, each with specific sets of Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The company found that a growing number of clients were requesting transparent and real-time information about their SLAs and wanted to position itself to better meet these demands.

“At Infracom, we deal with clients across all sorts of industries, and a key goal is to keep them well-informed on performance against pre-established Service Level Agreements,” said Paolo Mantovani, Business Unit Integrated Management & Services Director at Infracom. “Such SLAs can vary considerably, according to the client’s size, industry and internal regulations.”

Infracom found it challenging to supply up-to-date information about its clients’ SLAs and set out to improve this area of its service.

Our Solution

“Our objective was to implement a business service management solution which could integrate smoothly with our infrastructure and, at the same time, one which required minimal manual intervention,” said Mantovani. “We have always kept our IT landscape and business areas separated, but we now needed a tool to integrate these two sectors and make sure that our IT could fully respond to our business requirements. The NetIQ offer precisely met our needs.”

Working closely with NetIQ Business Partner Hogwart, Infracom implemented an advanced business service management solution based on Operations Center. Infracom and Hogwart kicked off the project by jointly analyzing Infracom’s specific requirements, then implemented a service model tailored to Infracom’s needs.

SLAs can vary greatly according to each customer’s specific business model. “For example, a medium-sized company might not have the same service demands as larger and more complex corporations, which generally request our services on a 24/7 basis,” said Mantovani. “The NetIQ solution has helped us considerably in managing different sets of customers and ensuring that we meet their needs efficiently and effectively.”

Hogwart offered complete and professional training and technical support to Infracom’s IT staff and the solution went live in six months, without any major issues. “The relationship with Hogwart and the way they handled the whole project have been absolutely brilliant,” said Mantovani. “Operations Center is the ideal solution for us; it enables real-time tracking of errors or compliance issues with our clients’ SLAs, allowing us to keep our IT service delivery in perfect alignment with our business model and with the changing business requirements of our clients.”


The solution enables Infracom to keep track of its performance in real time. Operations Center also helps each of Infracom’s clients to have an up-to-date and trusted view of performance against their specific sets of SLAs, enabling Infracom to quickly deal with any possible query or issue, reducing service delivery times.

“Now, with the NetIQ solution, we are always aware of how we are doing against our clients’ expectations, and can set up availability calendars and bands that are unique to each company we serve,” said Mantovani.

With the solution, final SLA reports can be created in half the time that they typically required in the past. Clients can view availability of service in real-time, and Infracom is able to track any faults or problems and address them rapidly, maximizing client satisfaction.

“Operations Center has enabled us to create dashboards for the storage of both historic and current data, from which we can start creating our reports and analysis. This is a revolutionary feature for us and responds to what the clients were requesting,” said Mantovani. “We believe that we have made the right choice by implementing this NetIQ solution. We will definitely focus on other features of the product in the future in order to keep providing top-class services and stay ahead of our competitors.”



  • Provided the ability to create final SLA reports in half the time
  • Enabled the organization to create dashboards for the storage of both historic and current data

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