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Gothaer Systems wanted to improve customer service and business efficiency by giving customers rapid online access to information. The solution needed to coordinate data from multiple applications running on multiple operating systems and offer 24-hour availability and monitoring.

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“NetIQ and the in-house team worked well together and demonstrated excellent project management skills. We have already brought more than 70 percent of our systems into the new monitoring environment.”Thomas WenerTeam Leader Systems Management, Gothaer Systems

About Gothaer Systems

To support the launch of the Gothaer group’s new e-business solution, Gothaer Systems needed the ability to ensure 24-hour availability for critical services. To help it quickly fix problems and minimize downtime, the company developed a solution—called Production-Oriented Monitoring—based on NetIQ Operations Center.


The Gothaer group wanted to improve customer service and business efficiency by introducing a major new e-business platform. The new system would give customers rapid online access to information.

“To support these online services, we needed to be able to ensure 24x7 availability—not just for the new web servers, but also for all the core systems that the e-business platform depends on,” said Thomas Werner, team leader for Systems Management at Gothaer Systems. “Our existing monitoring systems told us when a system was down but gave no context of the dependencies. This made it difficult to identify and resolve problems quickly.”

With nearly 750 servers running Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, WebSphere Application Server and other custom applications on a heterogeneous mixture of Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems, Gothaer Systems needed to find a highly versatile, centralized monitoring solution capable of handling all these different environments.

Our Solution

With these requirements in mind, Gothaer Systems evaluated monitoring solutions from leading vendors and drew up a shortlist of three: IBM, BMC and NetIQ (formerly Novell). “Every solution had to face a direct proof of concept in the Gothaer Systems environment,” said Werner. “We wanted to find out which product was best able to meet our needs, and how difficult it would be to install, use and maintain.” The proof of concept showed that NetIQ had the most convincing solution and “the deepest understanding of what business service management meant for our business.”

The NetIQ Business Service Management solution also stood out from the competition because of its out-of-the-box functionalities. The software was easy to install and provided advanced tools for mapping the company’s entire infrastructure and documenting the dependencies between systems. “The difference with our solution was that we did not have to struggle with the tools themselves,” said Werner. “We realized during the proof of concept that the complex task of mapping our entire infrastructure would be much quicker and easier with these Business Service Management solutions than with any of the other solutions on the market.”

NetIQ helped the Gothaer Systems team design, install and configure the Business Service Management solution over a single year. “NetIQ and the in-house team worked well together and demonstrated excellent project management skills,” said Werner. “We have already brought more than 70% of our systems into the new monitoring environment.”


With our Business Service Management solution, Gothaer Systems has gained a single, central system that monitors its complex, heterogeneous infrastructure in near real time. “Instead of receiving alerts from several different systems and then reading through the documentation, we see immediately where the problems are,” said Werner. “With a full understanding of the dependencies between systems, it is much easier to diagnose and resolve problems—leading ultimately to better availability and improved customer service.”

The new e-business platform is available to customers around the clock. “Without this Business Service Management solution, we could not have met the needs of the company’s e-business strategy; it simply wouldn’t have been possible to monitor our e-business systems from a service perspective,” said Werner. “With the solution, we can more effectively and accurately see and diagnose IT infrastructure issues.”



  • Provided the ability to effectively and accurately see and diagnose IT infrastructure issues
  • Provided the ability to diagnose and resolve problems early

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