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The company wanted to provide its internal users with fast, secure access to the applications they needed. Manual processes were causing delays and errors, potentially impacting employee productivity. With NetIQ Access Manager and NetIQ Identity Manager, the company is automating user provisioning and streamlining web application access. A role-based management framework ensures that users only access the applications they need.

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“With an integrated identity and access management will be much easier to manage thousands of users across our systems.”Company spokespersonOfficial representative, Global Packaging Manufacturer

About Global Packaging Manufacturer

This leading packaging manufacturer operates globally across North America, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, producing materials and systems for packaging for the commercial and food sectors.


The company’s annual sales revenues are in the billions of dollars, and its employees work in almost every global time zone. These employees need the ability to log in to business-critical systems, including email, databases and a central SAP instance, around the clock.

With many thousands of users to manage, the IT team faced a significant challenge ensuring employees had timely access to the applications and data they needed, especially when it came to the SAP platform.

“There are multiple application environments within our global SAP instance, and managing user access across the entire system was difficult,” said a company spokesperson.

“We relied on manual processes to create user IDs and grant access rights, which caused delays and introduced a degree of risk. For example, with SAP, it was not always clear to which environment a user had requested access, which led to us creating accounts for all of the application environments when a user might have only needed access to one or two.”

If users could not gain fast, consistent access to these applications, it could impact their ability to perform their jobs and seriously impact production schedules—an unacceptable risk. To improve responsiveness and security, the manufacturer wanted greater speed and consistency in its management of users and access rights.

Our Solution

The company decided to deploy Identity Manager and Access Manager to synchronize user information and access rights across its business systems. It engaged PartnerNet Platinum partner Wipro to provide end-to-end design, implementation and project management services, as well as maintenance and support.

“The NetIQ solutions offered fast implementation capability, quick return on investment and ease of integration, which were key selling points for us,” said a spokesperson.

“By partnering with Wipro, we can draw on their excellent technical skills and strong experience in enterprise security to build a robust identity management framework.”

With Identity Manager, the company is creating a seamless provisioning process, using a role-based approach to ensure that users are granted the correct access rights. The solution automatically assigns a number of standard roles to new employees when they appear on the company’s human resources system.

Users can then request access rights to specific applications through a portal for approval by the relevant manager.

“Wipro has helped us to build a solid identity management foundation, which will make user account management quick and easy,” said a spokesperson. “Using a business-role-based model, we can ensure that users gain fast access to only the applications and information they need.”


The company is currently working with Wipro to integrate all enterprise applications with Identity Manager and to provide users with single sign-on capabilities using Access Manager.

“With an integrated identity and access management will be much easier to manage thousands of users across our systems,” said a spokesperson.

“By replacing manual processes with automation, we will be able to provision new users and grant them access faster. This will also free up the IT team from routine work, allowing them to focus on higher value tasks.”

Once fully implemented, the solutions will provide employees with consistent access to company applications from any location.

“Secure single sign-on capabilities will enable users to easily access web applications from both inside and outside the company intranet,” said a spokesperson. “This is a big plus point for remote workers, such as our sales teams.

“As we integrate more applications, Identity Manager and Access Manager will allow us to take complete control over the entire lifecycle of users on our systems, helping provide employees with an efficient and reliable working environment.”


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  • Provided single sign-on capabilities
  • Offered consistent access to company applications from any location

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