Prior to implementing NetIQ AppManager®, it took Getronics considerable time to remotely monitor clients’ systems and applications. Manual monitoring difficulties prevented Getronics from proactively responding to incidents. Getronics deployed NetIQ AppManager for websites, systems and applications, and for server performance monitoring. This enhanced Getronics’ ability to serve clients and respond to changes identified within the system.

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“Because we offer 24/7 monitoring, we can detect issues far more quickly, and the availability of systems and applications is enhanced substantially.”Henk HeylenDatacenter, Connectivity and Security Unit Manager, Getronics

About Getronics

Getronics is one of the leading suppliers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services and solutions worldwide and the largest ICT service provider in the Benelux region.


Its workstation services, connectivity, data centers and ICT consulting enable Getronics to help organizations increase its performance and productivity by giving it access to information, anywhere and anytime. One of Getronics’ core activities is remotely monitoring its clients’ systems and applications.

Getronics focuses its services on enhancing the availability of business-critical systems, monitoring them at both the operating system and application levels. This monitoring was not allowing them to proactively respond to incidents. “We wanted the management of systems and applications to go beyond detecting crashes and then resolving them by phone or in real time,” Henk Heylen, manager of Getronic’s Datacenter, Connectivity and Security Unit said. Getronics wanted a solution that would keep it consistently one step ahead of incidents.

Our Solution

Getronics discovered that NetIQ AppManager was the most flexible solution because it could roll out NetIQ AppManager easily across a number of locations. Platform-independence, which also enabled UNIX integration, and firewall friendly communication were other deciding factors that led Getronics to choose NetIQ AppManager.

“Initially, we deployed NetIQ AppManager to intercept the error messages... Now we use NetIQ AppManager for managing all systems. It’s important for us to use a single solution. NetIQ AppManager is one of the few tools that can work in various domains without trust. This is hugely important to us because each client has its own security environment.”

Addressing concerns about security is also vitally important. With NetIQ AppManager, Getronics can guarantee the security of the systems. Getronics has currently included in the NetIQ AppManager environment 20 clients, distributed across five European countries and some 800 servers. “Because we don’t have to install any extra hardware, there are no maintenance costs. If we had to install a new server for every client the expense would be considerable. From one central platform, we can intercept all incidents with one monitoring solution,” Heylen explains.

By proactively monitoring the IT environment, Getronics ensures that it can detect incidents faster and can therefore also resolve them faster. “By deploying this type of tool, we really can offer added value by being able to proactively identify potential incidents,” shares Heylen. “Because we offer 24/7 monitoring we can detect issues far more quickly, and the availability of systems and applications is enhanced substantially.”

The selection and implementation process for NetIQ AppManager took about five months. During this time, Getronics received essential training on the product through both online and in-person classes, deployed the hardware and supporting applications, and rolled out the solution for the first clients.


Now that Getronics has successfully implemented NetIQ AppManager, it can detect incidents far earlier and enhance the availability of systems and applications for its clients. Its platform independence and ability to work with existing hardware made NetIQ AppManager the right choice. The final results show NetIQ AppManager to have the lowest total cost of ownership of consolidated management solutions on the market.

Says Henk Heylen, “Without NetIQ AppManager, manual monitoring of our remote clients took a lot of time, but it was difficult for us to respond to incidents proactively. With AppManager, we can now monitor servers and systems proactively and can take action before an issue arises. The solution is user-friendly and many of the scripts are available out-of-the-box. The collaboration with NetIQ is optimal because they really do work with us. They not only consider our interests, but also those of our clients.”



  • Provided the lowest total cost of ownership of consolidated management solutions
  • Introduced a user-friendly solution with many out-of-the-box scripts

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