Germany’s National Meteorological Service (DWD)

NetIQ Identity Manager supports seamless integration with business-critical systems, providing automatic, role-based staff access.

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“Relying on Identity Manager makes our lives much easier and allows us to focus on our primary goal-serving the meteorological needs of the German public efficiently and effectively.”Official RepresentativeIT-Communication Unit, DWD

About Germany’s National Meteorological Service (DWD)

Germany’s National Meteorological Service, the Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD), is the government body tasked with providing meteorological information to help protect organizations and individuals from the effects of adverse weather.


To maintain high levels of security and meet compliance requirements, DWD must ensure that each of its 2,500 employees can only access the systems relevant to their specific roles. Equally, granting new hires fast access to the appropriate systems is essential in avoiding delays to the delivery of vital information to organizations and individuals. To reduce the risk of confidential data being stolen, DWD must also revoke access for former staff as soon as their employment ends.

The IT-Communication Unit of DWD explains: “Our staff uses a wide variety of systems to perform day-to-day tasks, and each user requires access to a different subset of applications. Managing access to all of these systems manually would require an enormous amount of work and be extremely time-consuming.”

Our Solution

To overcome these challenges, DWD relies on NetIQ Identity Manager. The organization has been using the solution as a single point of control for managing identities across the institution for over ten years.

When it came to selecting a solution, DWD needed to ensure that they were getting the best possible value for taxpayers’ money. DWD evaluated solutions from a number of providers, and decided to partner with G + H Systems, who helped to deploy Identity Manager and integrate it with the business-critical systems. G + H Systems provided DWD with excellent assistance throughout the initial implementation, and have supported them in expanding their use of the solution ever since.

DWD’s IT team uses Identity Manager to control 2,500 users’ access to a huge range of systems, including NetIQ eDirectory™, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, and databases that store weather data.

Together with G + H Systems, DWD also developed a range of workflows to support the entire employee lifecycle—from starting employment, changing names or positions through to leaving the organization, ensuring that the correct processes are followed each time.

To further enhance the solution, DWD implemented daccord, an access governance offering developed by G + H Systems, and integrated it with Identity Manager. daccord generates reports detailing which users have access to which systems, plus when and by whom they were granted access, helping DWD to meet compliance requirements around data security with little time and effort.


The solution from NetIQ and G + H Systems plays a vital role in enabling DWD to meet its identity management challenges efficiently and effectively.

DWD illustrates: “Whenever new people join the organization, we can provide them with access to all of the systems they need to perform their roles from day one—ensuring that they can deliver weather information to organizations and individuals without delay. Equally, when staff leave the organization, we immediately terminate their system access to mitigate the risk of sensitive data being breached.”

Automation accelerates user account administration, reduces the risk of human error and frees up IT staff, meaning that they have more time to dedicate to value-add tasks.

DWD regularly updates the software to capitalize on new functionality included with each release. In the future, the organization plans to introduce role-based provisioning to further streamline the process of setting up new user accounts.

DWD concludes: “Relying on Identity Manager makes our lives much easier and allows us to focus on our primary goal—serving the meteorological needs of the German public efficiently and effectively.”



  • Enables super-fast user account administration
  • Frees up IT staff to focus on higher-value tasks
  • Simplifies fulfillment of compliance requirements around data security

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