East Bavarian Technical University of Applied Sciences Modernizes User Management

The university wished to update and automate identity management processes to provide students and staff with easy, secure access to IT resources and services across its two campuses. OTH-AW plans to replace its current custom-developed user management solution with NetIQ Identity Manager and integrate it with the wider university infrastructure and applications to standardize workflows and ensure efficient user management.

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“Identity Manager was by far the most cost-efficient solution.”Markus MeissnerSystem Administrator, East Bavarian Technical University of Applied Sciences

About East Bavarian Technical University of Applied Sciences Modernizes User Management

East Bavarian Technical University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden (OTH-AW) offers degree courses in engineering, information technology and business studies to 3,500 students at campuses in Amberg and Weiden, Germany.


As most students split their time evenly between the two campuses, it is critical that they have access to all services and resources from both locations.

Currently, the university uses a custom-developed user management solution that collects student data from different systems. NetIQ eDirectory then uses the collected data to provision students and staff with a unique account and password, giving them access to a wide variety of resources and services.

As its user management system still required a lot of manual intervention and had room for improvement and optimization, the university looked to upgrade to a more modern solution that could efficiently handle access requirements across an increasing number of systems and devices.

Our Solution

The university plans to work with NetIQ partner Maintainet AG to replace its existing user management system with a secure identity provisioning and access control solution based on Identity Manager.

IT staff will use Identity Manager to set up new accounts and manage permissions on various systems, ensuring that students and staff may access IT resources simply and securely, regardless of which campus they attend.

As Identity Manager supports a wide range of different applications and services, IT staff anticipate that the solution will integrate seamlessly with the university’s existing systems, including PRIMUSS Campus IT, a collaborative university management system, the e-learning platforms Blackboard and Moodle, and eDirectory. In addition, the solution represents a cost-effective option for OTH-AW, with Identity Manager forming part of an existing statewide educational license (Bavarian state license). This allows the university to take advantage of a rich set of capabilities without drastically increasing or introducing additional costs.

“As Identity Manager is already included in our statewide educational license, the university benefits from significant cost savings,” explained Markus Meissner, system administrator at OTH-AW. “With this in mind, the Identity Manager solution was by far the most cost-efficient option.”

OTH-AW aims to have Identity Manager in place by March 2016—in time for the new academic year and the arrival of new students. Recognizing it as an easy-to-use solution, Meissner predicts that Identity Manager will simplify account and access rights provisioning, administration, maintenance and monitoring processes.


OTH-AW plans to use Identity Manager to control each student’s complete lifecycle at the university. Once implemented, Identity Manager will automate provisioning and deprovisioning of student accounts, reducing IT workload and increasing security while giving students and staff easy access to the relevant systems anywhere, anytime.

“By deploying Identity Manager, we will streamline the account lifecycle management substantially,” Meissner said. “For example, after graduation, Identity Manager policies will automatically deactivate and then eventually delete user accounts. This ensures that university resources and data cannot be accessed by non-university members—an important security consideration. Currently, we deactivate and deprovision accounts manually, so automating the process will increase efficiency and free up time to focus on more pressing issues.”

Upgrading to Identity Manager and modernizing its solution will help OTH-AW deliver a seamless user experience across its two campuses and beyond, offering students on-demand access to learning resources.

OTH-AW will also be able to take advantage of competent and prompt support from NetIQ and Maintainet, helping the university expand and optimize its new identity management workflows and easily integrate new systems.

“It will be great to have a standard product,” Meissner concluded. “We are looking forward to bringing our identity management processes up-to-date with Identity Manager.”



  • Will reduce IT workload and provide secure, convenient access to users
  • Will increase security through automated deprovisioning and deletion of old user accounts

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