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DSN needed an authoritative source of identity data on its 7,500 government employees. DSN will implement NetIQ Identity Manager in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) configuration, enabling real-time data validation for new employees, driving cost-efficiencies and enabling shared online services for education.

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“Identity Manager is the most secure, versatile and cost-effective solution to meet both our current and our future requirements.”Inge HanssonCIO of the City of Karlstad, Drifts- och Servicenämnden

About Drifts- och Servicenamnden

Drifts- och Servicenämnden (DSN) represents 16 municipalities in the province of Värmland, Sweden. Formed in 2010, DSN aims to enable the municipalities to do three key things: benefit from economies of scale; focus on core competencies; and deliver better services to over 280,000 citizens.


Inge Hansson, CIO of the City of Karlstad and responsible officer for DSN, said, “Municipal governments in Sweden are responsible for a range of services, including education, healthcare and land planning. Increasingly, these services have a digital dimension and our municipalities aim to personalize services to meet each citizen’s needs.”

“For example, cloud-based solutions are now available to enhance service delivery for education by enabling parents to log into a secure portal to check on their children’s academic progress. However, implementing these services introduces new requirements for ensuring that personal data is protected and access to it is strictly controlled.”

Our Solution

DSN was looking for a secure, centralized and highly automated platform to manage rights for its current users, so experts from its team reviewed several identity management solutions. These experts determined that Identity Manager best suited DSN’s requirements. DSN also chose NetIQ Identity Tracking for Identity Manager to further enhance security and monitoring capabilities.

“We have used NetIQ solutions for many years and were very impressed by their identity management offering, which we decided to implement with support from NetIQ partner, Pulsen,” said Hansson. A large team of NetIQ experts and consultants engaged DSN, providing 7,500 licenses to start and another 2,000 soon after the project began.

Identity Manager provides integration and identity control from a single point, working seamlessly with all major directories, which will allow DSN to accelerate creation and full-lifecycle management of user identities and access rights for the municipalities. “The solution hasn’t been implemented yet—we are working closely with NetIQ to deploy the platform in an on-demand, software-as-a-service (SaaS) mode,” said Hansson. “It will be possible for us to support 16 municipalities within the same resilient identity management framework.”

The solution’s central access administration will enable DSN to ensure each user has a single identity, allowing admins to easily update that identity. “The automatic provisioning and deprovisioning feature of Identity Manager means that if one user leaves a municipality or is transferred to another department, or if a new employee joins the organization, the related access rights are automatically updated in real time,” said Hansson.


Deploying the solution as a flexible, cost-efficient SaaS application will increase availability to small municipalities, letting them benefit from a centralized identity management solution. The solution will also free DSN employees from repetitive manual tasks, helping them deliver better service to citizens across the region and laying the foundation for new online educational services.

Hansson said, “Currently, new teachers or healthcare workers have to fill in forms, pass them onto a helpdesk via email, where staff then re-enter the data manually into a siloed electronic system. Using the Identity Manager Home interface, we will be able to launch a self-service portal to set up employees in the system.”

Identity Manager assures data validation and quality, helping DSN ensure users adhere to internal policies.

Hansson said: “We are starting to see demand for cloud apps, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps, in the schools within the municipalities and are confident that Identity Manager will support secure and convenient access to these tools also. Identity Manager is the most secure, versatile and cost-effective solution to meet both our current and our future requirements.”



  • Will eliminate time-consuming manual tasks for staff
  • Will provide a self-service portal for users
  • Will offer secure and convenient access to users

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